How Do I Love Newsies? Let Me Count The Ways

A week from this past sunday, I had the pleasure of seeing the stage musical of one of my all favorite childhood movies, the 1992 Disney movie Newises.

Newsies recounts the true story of the 1899 Newsboys strike against newspaper owners who raised the prices of the newspapers the Newsies had to sell to the public.

I memorized the movie soundtrack years ago. When I heard that it was being remade for the stage, I was a bit skeptical. Most recent Broadway productions where the original source material is a film have not lasted very long.

However, I witheld my skepticism because I do love Newsies. I was not able to make it to NJ for the off Broadway production, but when I heard it was coming to Broadway, it made me want to go see shows again.

Now to the reason for this post. The reason I love Newsies the Musical and everyone if they can see it, should.

1. Cute boys singing and dancing incredibly well.  

2. The story is completely relatable. If the Newsboys of the 1899 strike were around during the 99% movement back in the fall, they would have fit right in.

3. The new girl. The characters of Sarah and Denton from the movie were combined into Katherine Plumber, a Nelly Blye type character played by Kara Lindsay.  Kudos to the writing team and Ms. Lindsay for making an interesting, lively and believable romantic foil to Jack.

4. Any fan of the film can easily follow the story. Much of the dialogue and lyrics from the movie are intact.

5. I just loved it and I have not been a Broadway fan for quite a few years. And if the clip doesnt convince you, then you should just go see if for yourself.

6. On a personal note, Newsies reminds us all that we all have the power to change the world if we are only brave enough to step forward. I come from immigrants who worked in the sweatshops and factories for slave wages in the early part of the 20th century. On my mother’s side, I have great grandparents who were heavily invovled with the WTUL and the ILGWU, knowing that I am a descendant of them makes me a prouder fansie.

She- An Anna Smith and John Bates Fanfiction

*-These characters are not mine, they belong to Julian Fellows.

 *-The main POV is from Mr. Molesley.

 *-Thank you to Sarah for beta reading.


She is amiable, strong, loving, never without a kind word, even to those whom she dislikes.

 Anna Smith is the woman I want to marry.

 But she is with another.

 Her beautiful blue eyes sparkle at the mention of his name; their eyes never leave each other when they are in the same room.

 He walks with a cane; she deserves a man who is not beset by physical deficiencies.

 John Bates, valet to his lordship, sits down on the other side of Anna. He takes her hand in his under the table, they don’t speak to each other, but their eyes speak volumes.

 He is far too old for her, Anna deserves a younger man. He has a criminal record; Anna deserves a man who has not been to jail.  He has been married before; rumors are that his former wife is not a pleasant woman. I have no history to hold me back.

 They are to be married; I wonder if Anna’s parents know of the man they will soon refer to as their son in law.

 I was sent to the village by Mrs. Crawley, when I see Anna and Mr. Bates leaving the post office.

 Her arm is wrapped around his, they are both smiling.

 John Bates is a lucky man, I hope he appreciates her. If not, then I will be there and Anna Smith will love me as much as I love her.

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