*-These characters are not mine. The writers have yet to give Dr. Whale a first name, so for this story, I name him Tom.

 The Right Decision

 The decision was haunting him for days. David told himself that it was the right thing to do, to stay with Kathryn and work out whatever problems they had before the accident.

 But there was something about Mary Margaret that he couldn’t ignore. He didn’t know what it was, but it was as if they had known each other.

 The least he could do was apologize to her. She deserved that much.

 David found Mary Margaret in the coffee shop grading papers.

 “Can I join you?” he asked.

 The cup next to her was nearly empty as Ruby came over with the coffee pot in her hand.

 “No more coffee, thank you, Ruby”.

 Before David could get a response, Dr. Whale came up beside Mary Margaret.

 “Are you ready?”.

 “I am now” Gathering the papers in front of her, they were placed in her bag.

 “Here you go” Ruby placed the bill in front of them.

 “I got it” Dr. Whale reached for his wallet.

 “Thank you, Tom”.

 “Mary Margaret?” David started to ask.

 “You made your decision, David and I have made mine”.

 They walked out with Dr. Whale’s arm slung around her shoulder and David had the feeling that the right decision was not made after all.



Growing Up: A Modern Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction

The only characters that are mine are Bennet Darcy and Travis Connelly. The rest are not mine.

 Growing Up

There was a rush to close the door behind them, a hushing between kisses and the falling of clothes.

“You’ve done this before”.

“College is a marvelous thing”.

Then the lights flew on as the mood quickly evaporated.


Two Hours Earlier 

A reunion with Georgiana’s best friends from high school at the local dance club led to another fortuitous meeting.

“No way”.

Standing two feet from them, with his back turned to them was Travis Connelly.  Travis Connelly was Mr. Popular in high school; almost every girl in their class had a crush on him, Georgiana included.

But she was shy at the time and being little sister to a very overprotective Fitzwilliam Darcy was not the way to get Travis Connelly to notice her.

But that was high school and she was no longer a shy sixteen year old.

“Go” Georgiana’s friends egged her. Fueled by her friends encouraged and her last martini she sauntered over to him.

That led to a nearly 90 minute conversation and drive back to her house, where she was sure everyone was asleep.

“This way” she led up the back staircase, where Mrs. Reynolds, the housekeeper would not hear them.

“Where is your brother?” Travis whispered.

“He and Lizzie went out; they won’t be back for hours”.

“Good” they started to go at it when Georgiana stopped him suddenly.

“You have plastic?” she asked.

“Always” he replied.

Then the lights flew on as the mood quickly evaporated.


Five minutes before

“Fitzwilliam Darcy, what on earth do you mean?”.

“Your cousin has his moments”.

They had been out to dinner with William and Charlotte Collins, celebrating Charlotte’s birthday.  Both Will and Lizzie considered her cousin rather odious, but Charlotte was Lizzie’s best friend, so William Collins was tolerated, if only to a point.

“When every other word out of his mouth isn’t Mrs. DeBourgh…”.

“Oddly, he didn’t mention her once”.

“That is his present to Charlotte this year, one day without your aunt being mentioned”.

“That is what I call a birthday present”.

“How was your dinner, Mr. Darcy?”  They were greeted by the housekeeper, Mrs. Reynolds.

“Excellent, where is everybody?”.

“The children are asleep”.

“Georgie” Lizzie asked.

“I don’t believe Miss Georgiana has returned home”.

“That’s strange, she usually calls when she is on the way home” Fitzwilliam flipped open his phone.

“Well perhaps she has already come home, if you excuse me, I will retiring, good night”.

As Mrs. Reynolds walked toward her room, the house was oddly quiet, almost too quiet.

Then the sounds started.

Grabbing the nearest weapon they could, which was their son’s plastic baseball bat, they creeped toward the noise and opened the door where the noise was coming from.

He flipped on the light, not expecting to see the source of the noise.


“Mr. Darcy, sir, it was pleasure to see you again, Mrs. Darcy” Travis dropped the condom, pulled his pants up and ran out as fast as his legs could carry him.

“What is this meaning of this?” he demanded as his sister attempted to return her clothes to their previous state.

“A little fun, can’t I have little fun once in a while?”.

“Not that kind of fun, young lady”.

“Excuse me, I am after the little sister of Fitzwilliam Darcy who has to be in locked in at night…”.

“Do not put words in my mouth, after all I have done for you..”.

“Will, that is enough; Georgie, I don’t know where you were tonight, but you’ve drunken enough to loosen your tongue.  You’re going to sleep it off and we will talk about it in the morning, like calm, rational, sober adults” Lizzie stepped in.

Brother and sister meekly complied.

The next morning, Georgiana dragged herself to the breakfast table where Lizzie placed a rather fowl looking and smelling drink in front of her.

“Smells like cat pee”.

“It’s not, it’s my father’s hangover cure, now drink up”.

“Mommy, Aunt Georgie looks sick” Will and Lizzie’s five year old son, Bennet commented.

“Never you mind your aunt, just finish your breakfast” Lizzie replied.

“Georgiana, we need to talk”.

“Let her shower, Will”.

“Georgie, I gave your clothes from last night to Mrs. Reynolds to take to cleaners. I also laid out your clothes for today”.

“Lizzie, I am not the sixteen year old I was, you don’t have to treat me like a child anymore” Georgiana stepped out of the shower.

“Your behavior last night was childish. What were you thinking drinking that much and taking a stranger home?”.

“I am so tired of being treated like a child, Lizzie. I am 22; I would like experience some things for myself”.

“You will, Georgie, I promise you, but you can’t scare us like that”.

“Are you dressed?” Will knocked on from outside.

“Two minutes, Will”.

“I’ll let you get dressed, whatever he says, he only loves you”.

“I know, Lizzie, thanks”.

“What you did last night was irresponsible and foolish” Will began “I am not trying to lock you up, I just don’t want to experience some things that you are not ready for”.

“I am not so innocent, Will, you and Lizzie did it all the time, even before you were married”.

“That’s not the point. I want to be an uncle, but not right now. You’re my only sister; I’m only looking out for you”.

“I know, Will, just let me try, that’s all I ask”.

“It may be a little hard for me, but I will try. So, that boy…”.


“Do you like him?” Will asked, trying not to sound uncomfortable.

“He’s from high school; he never gave me the time of day then. He was there, I was there…”.

“I get it. There was a girl who was in my sociology glass sophomore year of college.  Wouldn’t give me the time of the day, I later found out she thought I was rude and self centered”.

“What happened to her?”.

“Will, Georgie, I hate to interrupt, but we promised the kids we would take them to the zoo today” Lizzie knocked on the other side of the door.

“Tell them five minutes” Will replied.

“I will get them ready” Lizzie replied before walking away.

“This conversation is not over. Rest up and we will talk about this Travis boy when I come back” Will started to get up.

“Will, whatever happened to that girl from college that you liked?”.

“I married her” Will said with a smile, walking out.


*- The only characters that are mine are the Darcy children and Sir Edward and John Maxwell. The rest with respect and affection belong to Miss Austen.


“Mr. Darcy to see you, Mr. Bennet” Hill knocked on the study door.

“Darcy, my boy, this is a pleasure. Where is Lizzy?” Mr. Bennet asked as his son in law sat down, looking for his daughter as Hill closed the door behind her.

“Lizzy is home, I have come to speak on a personal matter. I am in need of counsel”.

“Then tell me what I may do for you?” Mr. Bennett asked.

“It is about Fanny…” Darcy started.

“Fanny has captured the attention of a young man and you are unsure on how to proceed”.

Mr. Bennet smiled thinking of his oldest granddaughter, Frances Jane Darcy, known to her family as Fanny. She was the second of the Darcy’s three children and the only daughter, in between her brothers, William and Charles. Fanny favored her mother in both temperament and looks, making her a favorite of her father and grandfather.

Before Darcy could proceed, Mr. Bennet continued “You forget, sir, that I have five daughters, four of my son in laws, yourself included, asked for permission to marry them”.

“Then tell me what to do. I had hoped this might have been easier after Georgiana married, but I did not think this day would come so quickly” Mr. Bennett could see the storm of confusion in Darcy’s eyes.

“Tell me, Darcy, what is this young man like? Is he worthy of Fanny?”.

“Lizzy believes so; she has done her best to convince me that John would be a good husband for Fanny. His father is Sir Edward Maxwell, their property adjoins Pemberley, and John will inherit from his father one day.  John and Fanny have known each other since they were children. It seems almost inevitable that they should marry”.

“Then I shall tell you what my father told me” Mr. Bennet clapped his left hand onto Darcy’s shoulder “What matters is that John and Fanny are happy. They will disagree every now and then, as I am sure you and Lizzy have over the years. But if they are willing to compromise and their love is strong enough, I see no reason to disapprove of the marriage”.

Darcy remained silent, the tension still brewing in his eyes.

“If she is happy with him, Darcy, do not deny her.  Having a daughter who is happily married is far better than having a daughter who is resentful and angry”.

Two months later, the church bells rang, announcing the newly married Mr. and Mrs. John Maxwell.

An hour before the coach was to arrive to take John and Fanny to their honeymoon, Fanny approached her grandfather.

“Are you happy, child?” he asked.

“I am, grandfather”.

“When you come back from Brighton, you must come to Longbourne and visit your old grandfather”.

“I will, grandfather” he kissed her forehead as Fanny heard her new husband calling to her.

Across the room, Mr. Bennet raised his glass to his son in law, who raised it silently in kind.

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