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Letter From Rosings

*-Of course I do not own any of these characters.

 Letter From Rosings

“Your mail, sir” Darcy’s man handed him the bundle of letters.

“Thank you”.

Among the letters of business was one from Rosings.

“What now?” he asked aloud, expecting another blistering letter from his aunt, Lady Catherine De Bourg, insulting his fiancée, Elizabeth Bennet and demanding that the marriage be halted.

But he was surprised to see that the letter was from Lady Catherine’s daughter and his cousin, Anne.

“Dear cousin Fitzwilliam,

 Do not be alarmed, sir, for I am not writing to you as my mother has. I have always known that we are ill matched and any marriage between us would be an unhappy one, despite what my mother believes.

 When Miss Bennet came with Mr. and Mrs. Collins to Rosings last year, I saw how much you loved her.  She is spirited and intelligent and I knew she was the only woman you would ever be happy with.

 Please convey my blessing  your fiancé and I look forward to the day when I may call her cousin.

 Yours, etc

Anne De Bourg”.


“Now that is a nice surprise” Darcy thought to himself.

“Your carriage is waiting, sir” Mrs. Reynolds knocked on the door.

“Thank you” he replied. He had some business to complete in Meryton before spending the rest of the day with Elizabeth.  She would be pleased with the letter from Rosings.


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*-The only characters are I own are Captain Edward Jones and the Wentworth children, the rest I love too much to claim as mine.


In her nearly twenty five years, Anne Wentworth had two major experiences that would forever alter the course of her life. The first was the day she chose love over her family. The second was the day she had to choose to return to Somerset after Frederick’s death or remain in Lyme.

 She watched impatiently as her father led Frederick into his study. She hoped that her father would see through his pride and give his blessing to their marriage. But his reaction was the same as the rest of the family.

 “He is not for you, Anne; I suggest you let him go, let him find a woman more suitable”.

 Instead of agreeing with her father, she surprised even herself.

 “Frederick!” she called out.

 “If you leave with him, I will cut you off; you are no longer part of this family”.

 “You would leave your father and your family?” Frederick asked.

 “I would”.

 “Anne! You come back here this instant!” Sir Walter’s words fell on deaf ears.

 That was five years ago. They since had three children, the twins, Alexander and Emily who had been born just before their parent’s first anniversary and Henry who was nearly one. While Emily was mirror image of their mother, Alexander was mirror image of their father. Anne and Frederick could not decide who Henry resembled more and came to the conclusion that he was equal parts his father and mother.

 Anne watched her husband pack. His brief month of shore leave was coming to an end.

 Frederick knew that look in Anne’s eyes, despite the fact that she was well schooled in what it meant to be a sailor’s wife, she hated to watch him go.

 The sheets and blankets had made replaced from the night before, hardly indicating of the intimacy between Anne and Frederick.

 “I promise you, I will return” he tried to sooth her fears.

 “And if you don’t?” she asked.

 “I have taken care of everything and if anything should occur, Sophy and the Admiral are more than willing step in”.

 Sir Walter made good on his word, Anne had not heard from her family in five years, except for her younger sister, Mary who would occasionally write to her.  Two years after Anne married Frederick, Mary married the son of a family friend, Charles Musgrove. Without a son to carry on the Elliot title and fortune, Sir Walter’s heir was a distant cousin, William Walter Eliot.

 Replacing her family was Frederick’s family. Sophy and the Admiral had spent many evenings at their modest home in Lyme. Even Edward and his family had traveled from Shropshire to visit them.  

 “Papa, must you go?” the look on his wife’s face was reflected in their children’s eyes.

 “You know wherever I go, I will always love you” he picked up the twins, who squealed in delight as he tickled them.

 He then looked back at his wife, who held Henry in her arms. He was just beginning to walk and even talk a little; it hurt that he would not be available during those first precious moments.

 They shared one last kiss before Frederick’s carriage disappeared.

 The rest of the month flew by without incident.

 Then there was a knock on the door. It was rainy day and with the Admiral off on business, Sophy was spending the afternoon with Anne and the children.

 “There is someone to see you, madam”.

 “You are Mrs. Wentworth, I presume?” the gentleman asked.

 “I am at a loss sir, you know me, but I have not made your acquaintance”.

 “My name is Captain Edward Jones; I have known your husband since we were in the naval academy”.

 “I do apologize Captain, Frederick spoke of you fondly, would you like to come in?”.

 “I thank you, madam, for the offer, but I came on business”.

His tone changed quickly and she attempted to keep the nagging fear from penetrating her consciousness. 

 “Three days ago, our ship was attacked by French warship. The battle was, well, the details are not suitable to be repeated in polite company”.

 The Captain bit his lip, as if looking for the right words.

 “There were few survivors, your husband fought as bravely as I have ever seen a man fight. But he was not among the survivors”.

 He removed a parcel from within his coat and placed it into her trembling hands.

 “I felt, knowing Frederick as I did, that it was proper to personally inform you rather than you hear the news in another form. I am sorry for your loss, madam” With that, he walked away.

 Frederick. Dead.

 She fell to her knees, her tears falling uncontrollably.

 “Anne?” Sophy asked.

 Anne looked at her sister in law, words were unnecessary.

 A week later, Anne, with her children, The Admiral and Mrs. Croft and Edward watched as Frederick’s body was laid to rest.

 The mourners disappeared slowly, until Anne stood alone at her husband’s newly dug grave.

 Perhaps her father and Lady Russell had been right; marrying a penniless naval officer had been a mistake. But she had made her decision; she would live her life and with the consequences, whatever they may be.

 “Anne, I think you and the children should stay with us, at least for a little while” the admiral had offered.

 Anne nodded in agreement; it would be good for all of them.

 “Mama?” her elder children asked, each taking one of her free hands.

 Looking at her husband’s final resting place, she led them away.

 The next few days, mourners came and went, Anne not paying attention to any particular visitors.

 Then it was announced that Mary and Charles had come to pay their respects.  

 “Anne, I am so sorry, poor dear, you must be a mess” she was surprised by the hug from her sister.

 “My husband is dead, there is nothing I can do to bring him back”.

 “Is there anything we can do?” Charles asked.

 “Your presence is enough”.

 “Pardon me madam, he has been fussy today, I cannot calm him down” the maid handed Henry to his mother.

 In a moment, his fussiness disappeared and he lay his curious brown eyes on this visitors.

 “Who is this?” Mary cooed.

 “This is Henry”.

 “And your other children”.

 Anne called the twins over, who properly introduced themselves.

 “Do you know who I am?” Mary asked. They promptly nodded their heads no.

 “I am your Aunt Mary; this is your Uncle Charles”.

 “Anne, may I talk to you for a moment, its matter of importance” Charles asked.

 Mary took Henry from Anne and led the twins away from them.

 “Mary and I have been keeping your father abreast of your situation and he wishes you and the children to return to Somerset”.

 “My father turned me out when I married Frederick, I don’t know if I could ever return. Besides we are happy here, I cannot uproot my children now”.

 “I do understand your feelings, Anne, but you must consider…”.

 “What I must do, Charles is take care of my children, please excuse me” hearing Henry’s wail, she started to walk away. The old Anne would have relented, agreeing to return to Somerset and Kellynch. But she couldn’t, not now.

 “Sir Walter bade me give you this. Mary and I cannot force you to return with us, but I beg you to at least read what he has written” He placed the letter in her hand.

 Later that evening, after her children had been put to bed, she sat alone, the letter from Sir Walter in her hand, until she was startled by the Admiral.

 “You were quiet tonight, my dear” he commented as he sat down beside her.

 “My sister and her husband came today”.

 “I don’t believe I made their acquaintance, but I heard the chap’s last name is Musgrove”.

 “Charles delivered a letter from my father. He wishes us to return to Somerset. There is a property called Armsbury, no more than two kilometers from Kellynch Hall. My father will provide for all of our expenses, including an annual income of 5,000 pounds a year as well as the children’s education and inheritance”.

 “Sophy and I would be sad to see you go, but if that is your decision, we will abide by it”.

 “I don’t know if returning is the best decision. My father, well, he is sometimes akin to a preening peacock”.

 They both laughed at the image, it felt good to laugh, neither had laughed in a week.

 “My elder sister, Elizabeth is very much like my father and my younger sister; she was sometimes bound to fits of folly as a child and has not altered much since then”.

 “What of your mother? What was her opinion?”.

 “My mother died when I was a child, her friend Lady Russell attempted to take my mother’s place, but it was never the same. It was Lady Russell who nearly persuaded me to turn down Frederick’s proposal”.

 Just then a cry of “Mama!” was heard.

 “I shall leave you then, good night, Anne”.

 Two days later, they returned home. After nearly a week and a half, Anne felt it was time to leave.

 Standing in the door way of their home, it was as if she was reliving that moment all over again.

 “Shall I put him to bed, madam?” the nursemaid asked, ready to take Henry from his mother.

 “No, I will put him down. Please unpack and prepare the twins for bed”.

 “As you, wish madam”.

 Later that night, the moon rose as Anne slept in the nursery. She could not return to their bed, it was too much to bear. After she put Henry to bed, she opened the parcel Captain Jones had given to her.

 It contained her letters to Frederick as well as the miniatures of herself and the children. For the first time in weeks, she started to cry.

 “Anne” it was no more than a whisper, but she heard it.

 Looking in doorway, she saw an outline of someone watching her. It was Frederick, as clear as the last day she saw him.

 “Frederick?” she asked.

 “Follow your heart, my love, I promise, all will work out” then he was gone.

 Anne woke up with a start, looking to the doorway, he was not there. It had been a dream.

 As the sun rose the next morning, Anne wrote to her father, her decision has been made.


 I thank you for the offer of Armsbury, as well as the living. But I must decline. My children are happy in Lyme, as am I. I do however, look forward to when you may visit Lyme or we may return to Kellynch, for I would dearly love to introduce you to my children.

 Yours, etc



Knowing her father as she did, he would probably never come to Lyme, nor would an invitation come from Kellynch Hall.

 “Mother?” Alexander’s voice broke her away from her thoughts.

 He stood in front of her, in his naval uniform, as tall and handsome as Frederick had been. She has to often remind herself that it was not her beloved husband, but their eldest son who stood in front of her.

 As she had predicted, her father had not replied.

 Six weeks after burying Frederick, she received a letter that contained his pension. With the money, she turned their small house into an inn; many of their first guests were other naval officers who came to pay their respects.

 Twenty years had passed by without her noticing. Alexander was following in the footsteps of his father and uncle and joined the Navy. Henry was eager to follow Edward’s footsteps and become ordained. Then there was Emily, who had joined her mother at the inn since the day it had opened. She had recently become engaged to the youngest son of a prosperous merchant, who was eager to join his future wife at the inn.

 Frederick had been right, she had followed her heart and everything had worked out. And when the time would come, she would see him again.


The End


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After Dinner

*-These characters belong to Mr. Fellows and Co, with the exception of Edward Reginald Crawley. I am just a humble admirer.

 *-Thank you to Sara for beta reading.

After Dinner


They had returned from their honeymoon a week ago. Spending two weeks in Rome was an experience neither would forget.

 Crawley House in London was being prepared as a permanent residence for Mary and Matthew. They were scheduled to leave in one week, but until then, they were living with Isobel in the village.

 Tonight they were at Downton for dinner and despite his best effort, Matthew could not keep his eyes off his wife.

 Mary was trying to eat dinner and listen to her father’s story, but her husband was determined to distract her.

 She let out a yelp as Matthew tickled her ankle with his toe.

 “Is something wrong?” Robert asked.

 “Nothing, please continue”.

 Mary shot her husband a look, warning him to behave.

 After dinner was finally complete, Matthew announced, “If you excuse us, I think we will retire for the rest of the evening”.

 “Should I have the car sent around?” Cora asked.

 “No thank you, Cousin Cora, I don’t think we need the car just yet”

 The sound of their footsteps were heard until the door to Mary’s former bedroom was slammed behind them. Their kiss quickly escalated as she pushed his jacket off and his lips blazed a trail down her bare neck.

 Mary and Matthew were not seen again until the next morning, each wearing a broad smile.

 For the next nine months, Isobel and Violet would debate ferociously about the name of the future Earl of Grantham. The debate ended when Edward Reginald Crawley was born.

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Come Back To Me

*-I don’t own these characters. They belong to Julian Fellows and Co.

 Come Back To Me

They stood on the train station, neither knowing what to say.

 She removed the small stuffed dog from her bag, their hands briefly touched as he took it from her.

 The dog had been a gift from her mother, given to her when she was very young.

 When Mary was six, her parents decided to take a holiday to celebrate their anniversary.  Mary and her sisters were to spend the week with Robert’s sister and brother in law in London.

 The night before they were leave to for London, Cora found her oldest daughter crying in her bed.

 “Oh my dear child, hush, there is no need to cry”.

 “Why are you and papa going away? Cant we stay here?” Mary asked.

 “You know that your papa and I love you all of you. Don’t you trust your aunt and uncle to take care of you?”.

 “I still don’t want you to go” Mary protested.

 “That’s why I brought this?” Cora revealed the toy dog in her hand.

 “For me?” Mary asked, her tears beginning to dry as she hugged the small dog.

 “Yes, but I must tell you a story first” Cora pulled her daughter into her lap.

 “The night before I was to marry your father, I was terrified. I was in a new country, knowing no one other than your father, your grandparents and your aunt…”.

 “Did you love him?” Mary asked.

 “As much as I could, we barely knew each other. My father came into my bedroom and presented me with this. He said that whenever I became lonely, to hold onto the dog and think of them. After a while, I was no longer lonely, I fell in love with your father and that, my darling girl, is how you came along. Are you feeling better?”.

 “Yes, mama”.

 “Good, now back to bed” Cora pulled the covers up and kissed her daughter.

 As he accepted the dog and the kiss on the cheek, the words were on her lips.

 “Come back to me”.

 But she couldn’t say them and watched him walk away. One day she would tell him how she felt, but that was not today.  


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Sing For Me/Life Of Leaving Home

*-The DA characters are not mine, the only character that I have created is Abigail Bates.

 *- I think I have somehow intertwined the lyrics for Sing For Me and Life of Leaving Home. But that’s ok, because Yellowcard is an awesome band who I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in person.

 *-Thank you to Sara for beta reading.

 “You have thirty minutes” The guard said as he stood in the doorway.

 It was their usual routine. John had not hung, but he was not free. Mr. Murray was trying to have the sentence lifted, but his efforts had so far failed. It was still time together, Anna reminded herself. Every two weeks for a half hour, Anna would take the bus into York to see her husband. The chair scraped against the floor as she sat down, the edge of the table grazing her growing abdomen.

 I can see all the footsteps left behind,
Every second I gave!
Every song was a snapshot of my life
I needed something to say!

 After everything John Bates had done in his life, he had done two things right. He had stayed at Downton and married Anna. He would be a father by the end of the year, for the first time in his life.

I started out in a last slow motion scene,
Watching everyone change!
Made one road from here,
I had no reason to stay!

I am awake and alive
There is something calling me!
More than a moment in time,
It’s a dream I’m following on my own,
On my own, on my own!

More than a moment in time,
It’s a life I’ve lived!

 After he was convicted, John decided for the first time in his life to live. The mistakes he had made were in the past and despite his current circumstances, he would survive. That he would make sure of.

Think of me when the stars come out tonight,
Take a look at the sky!
Never said that I could burn out that
But I needed it to try!

He hated to see the look in Anna’s eyes when she left him. To live free with her, to be the husband and father that she wanted him to be would have been his greatest wish. But he would not let Vera win, even in death.

I am awake and alive
There is something calling me!
More than a moment in time,
It’s a dream I’m following on my own,
On my own, on my own!
More than a moment in time,
It’s a life I’ve lived!

The day that I found my voice
I knew that I had no choice look at me, and listen close
So I can tell you how I feel before i go
Just a year it’s not much time
For me to show you I am proud that you are mine
I wish I had known the future in my heart
Was just about to start

When Dr. Clarkson told Anna that she could no longer travel, they wrote letters nearly every day. She spoke of how kindly she was being treated, allowed a respite from some of her responsibilities, how she and Lady Mary were with child at the same time.

Say tomorrow I can’t follow you there
Just close your eyes and sing for me
I will hear you, always near you
And I’ll give you the words, just sing for me

 John missed Anna; he knew this was the best they could do for now. 

Every lock on every door, I put them there to try and hide you from the world
And you kicked yeah you screamed
You never understood you’re everything to me
I just hope you know, the future in your heart
Is just about to start

 John tried to hide his past from her, to warn Anna about what she was getting into with him. He was a convict, a reformed alcoholic. He was nearly fifteen years her senior and certainly not a young man anymore. But she loved him and would not give up on him. For that alone, he was becoming a better man.
Say tomorrow I can’t follow you there

Just close your eyes and sing for me
I will hear you, always near you
And I’ll give you the words, just sing for me

Looking back when I am gone
Sing for me, follow your heart it’s never wrong, sing for me
Looking back when I am gone
Sing for me, don’t second guess to know you’re all
Out of time, oh out of fight
You are the only thing in life that I got right

Say tomorrow I can’t follow you there

Just close your eyes and sing for me
I will hear you, always near you
And I’ll give you the words, just sing for me

Then the letter came.

 “My darling

 We have a daughter, a beautiful, healthy daughter. Her name is Abigail and she is anxious to meet her father. I will bring her as soon as Dr. Clarkson gives his approval.

 You’re loving wife, Anna”.

 Just close your eyes and sing for me, sing for me
just close your eyes and sing for me.
The only way I ever learn some love
..If I found it on my own!
On my own!

I am awake and alive
There is something calling me!
More than a moment in time,
It’s a dream I’m following on my own,
On my own, on my own!
More than a moment in time,
It’s a life I’ve lived!

 “Bates, your wife is here” John was escorted to the visitor’s room.

 “John, this is your daughter.” Holding his daughter for the first time, John was amazed to see how much his daughter looked like her mother.

 “Mrs. Bates, may we come in?” Mr. Murray stood in the doorway with Mr. Crawley.

 “Of course, Mr. Murray”.

 “Mr. Bates, we have good news. We have resubmitted the evidence to the crown and they have decided that it is insufficient to uphold the life sentence. However, given your past conviction, if you should be accused again, the life sentence will be reinstated”.

 “Am I free?” John asked.


 “Bates, there is more,” Matthew stepped into the conversation “I don’t know if Anna told you, but Mary and I will be leaving Downton for Crawley House in London. We will only need a small number of household staff, for now at least. Anna will be housekeeper and we would like you to be the butler. What do you say?”.

 “Anna?” John looked to his wife.

 “I told them yes, if you would agree”.

 “Thank you, Mr. Crawley, we will be very happy to join you”.

 A month later, the residents of Crawleyhouse had settled down from the night.  Abigail Bates slept comfortably as her father laid her in her crib and then joined her mother in their bed.  The past was behind him and the future was bright.

 The end

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To My Love

*-These characters are not mine. The genius is solely Miss Bronte’s.

 To My Love

The letter had been discovered by Nelly. The paper was yellowed and folded many times over. The ink was faded, but she knew the writer just the same.

“To My Love

 Today I am to be married. As much as I love Edgar, it is you my heart yearns for.

 Your whereabouts are unknown to me; my heart is broken because of your absence.

 I can still feel your lips on mine, the intoxicating scent of the stables on your skin. 

 I would love nothing more than to hold you in my arms and kiss you soundly, to run and play as we did as children, wild and free.

 But we are not children anymore and the time for play has passed.

 By the time the moon rises, I shall be Mrs. Edgar Linton. If only you had not run away that night, you would have heard how much I love you and how I planned to take you with me and protect you from Hindley.

 But you are not here. Edgar is here and loves me, so I will marry him.

 Wherever you are, my love, stay safe and come back to me. My heart is incomplete without you.

 Yours forever,


 Lost in her memories, Nelly heard squeals of laughter from the doorway.

“Hareton! I told you to stop!” Into the doorway, Cathy and Edgar’s daughter, Catherine ran in with her cousin, Hareton, just behind her, his hands reaching for her skirts.

“Why should I?” he asked, his eyes full of laughter.

“If you don’t stop, I won’t be able to”.

From the moment she was born, Catherine was her mother’s daughter, not even her father’s temperate nature and wisdom could tame her wild ways.

“Nelly, what have you got there?” Hareton asked, asked as both he and Catherine stopped, noticing the paper in her hand and the look in her eyes.

“Nothing” Nelly replied, putting the letter back in its place.

Tomorrow they would be leaving Wuthering Heights, starting fresh in a new home, far from the hatred and anger that had killed one generation and nearly destroyed the next.

Nelly would save the letter for Catherine’s children and maybe one day show it to Catherine, to show her the mother she never knew.

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*- I do not own any of these characters. Please review


 She was not hard to locate. She was smiling and laughing, her fiancé never far from her.

 John Willoughby was not a man to believe in regrets, the past was what it was, what is done cannot be undone.

 But he did have one regret, Marianne Dashwood. He did love her and if he could have gone back, he would be honest with her. Perhaps he might be the one standing next to her; it would be his engagement ring on her hand. But she was to marry Christopher Brandon within a month.

 Handing the glass to the waiter, Marianne kissed her fiancé on the cheek.

 “Do you want some company?” Chris asked.

 “No, I just need a moment by myself, it’s just a little warm in here, I will be back in a few minutes”.

 She was surprised to find outside the one person she thought she would never see again.

 “What are you doing here?”.

 “I uh… you look beautiful” was the only words that John could utter.

 “Where is your wife?” Marianne asked, John could feel the sting of her words. John had married Jessie because she was everything he was told he should have in a wife. And yet, she was everything he didn’t want in a wife.  She was cold, only wanting him for his name and money. Now he was stuck, his aunt threatening to cut him off if he left Jessie.

 “She went away with her girlfriends for the weekend”.

 “I don’t think you should be here, John…” she was stopped by her fiancé leaving the party to join her, who upon seeing John possessively placed his hand on Marianne’s shoulder.

 “Is he bothering you?” Chris asked.

 “No darling, he wasn’t bothering me, he was just leaving, weren’t you, John?” Marianne asked.

 “I do have to go. Congratulations to you both”.

 As he drove away, Chris asked “Do you still love him? If you do, I will let you go, free and clear”.

 “I thought I loved him once, but I don’t anymore. Please don’t think of him, I don’t. I only want to marry you”.

 She kissed him gently, as his arms wrapped around her, but they were interrupted by Elinor.

 “Is something going on out here? We were beginning to think you two had run off to Vegas”.

 “We’re fine” Chris replied as he followed his future wife and sister in law inside, not knowing that John was still close by watching them.

 John Willoughby was not a man who believed in regrets, but he was not a man who believed in love until he watched the one he loved, marry another. He was the cause of that.

 It was his one regret.

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Her Kiss

*-I don’t own these characters, please review.

 Her Kiss

He couldn’t take her eyes off her. She was deep in conversation with his sister and Charles, but she kept looking at him. The last time he saw her was months ago, he could still hear her biting words, refusing his marriage proposal and calling him arrogant.

 Looking back, he knew she was right. But there was no turning back now, she was here and he didn’t know when he would get another chance.

 “Excuse me, I think I will get air” Elizabeth stood up.

 “Are you feeling well, Lizzy?” her aunt asked.

 “I am perfectly fine, Aunt Madeline, I need some fresh air”.

 He followed her, she stood in the shadows.

 Upon hearing his footsteps, she turned to face him, never removing her eyes from his.

 Before he could say anything, she kissed him, nearly knocking the wind out of him.

 He had dreams of her kiss for months; she had been in his dreams every night.

 He returned her kiss as her arms snaked around his waist; he pushed her against the wall, supporting them both.

 “Lizzy, your uncle is ready to leave” her aunt called out from inside the doorway, not seeing her niece in the shadows.

 “Be there in one minute” Elizabeth called out, breaking the kiss.

 “When can I see you again?” he asked.

 “Tomorrow at the hotel”.

 As Elizabeth, with her aunt and uncle, said their goodbyes, Will followed them with a spring in his step.

 Tomorrow was the day he would propose, make up for lost time. Tomorrow, their life together, as it should have been six months ago, would begin.

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Brave Movie Review

23 years ago, Disney presented their first ginger heroine. Ariel, the title character in The Little Mermaid (a retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson fable) went through the trial and tribulations of growing up and like many of her fairy tale sisters, ended her story with a happily ever after and prince charming.

Last weekend, Disney & Pixar presented another ginger princess to the world of fairy tales. Merida, like Ariel is a princess repressed by both duty and an overbearing parent. She dreams of having another life. That is where the similarities end.

Merida (voiced by Kelly MacDonald) is a medieval princess in the Scottish Highlands. She longs for freedom, but her mother, Queen Elinor (voiced by Emma Thompson) keeps reminding her daughter of her responsobility as princess. The clash between mother and daughter reaches its peak when Merida is forced to witness an athletic contest between the eldest sons of three local clans. The winner will become Merida’s husband, an idea that Merida vocally disaproves of. 

I wont give the rest of the movie away, but I walked out of the movie a very happy moviegoer. This one of the best movies that both Disney and Pixar have put out in years.

Women have been fighting for their rights in this country for many decades. The best part of the movie was seeing the payoff of that fight, that we as women can stand on our own two feet, without relying on a man.


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