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What Might Have Happened

*-The only characters that are mine are Lucy Crawford and John, Frances and Maria Bertram. The rest, brilliantly belong to Jane Austen.

 What Might Have Happened

“Your tea, dear” Henry’s thoughts were broken by his wife, Lucy with the maid behind her with the tea.

 “Thank you”.

 Scanning over the news, Lucy found something that she thought might attract her husband’s attention.

 “You spend some time in _____shire with the family of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram before we met did you not?” Lucy asked.

 “Yes” Henry replied sipping his tea.

 Memories of his short time at MansfieldPark led him to one person in particular.

 She saw through his pretensions immediately, he knew that. But he had hoped that she would also see his heart, he had never met a woman like Fanny Price. She challenged him, made him earn her love. He thought he had her love, but it wasn’t enough, she still rejected him. In the end, she married her cousin, Edmund Bertram.  

 He had met his wife, Lucy two years later. She was the niece of an acquaintance whom he had met through his sister. They married within a year of their first meeting. She was adequate and their children were well behaved and intelligent. But part of him always wondered what might have happened if the woman on the other side of him was the woman he still thought of.

 “Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram of MansfieldPark announce the birth of an heir. John Thomas Bertram was born last Monday to the Reverend and Mrs. Edmund Bertram, the younger son of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram. The boy already joins his sisters, Frances, age 4 and Maria age 2”.

 “Didn’t Mary say they had an elder son?” Lucy asked.

 “Yes, but I don’t believe he has yet to marry”.

 Letting his memories fade back in the recesses of his mind, Henry returned to the present. Fanny Price was married to another man; there was nothing he could do about it now.  The only thing he could was concentrate on the present and perhaps one day, he might be able to find salvation from his memories.

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As usual I do not own any of these characters.


“There is a man floating in the water” the news spread like wildfire thought the small coastal town of Portsmith.

Inside the Price home no one knew, as the members of the household were still rising for day.

Then there was a knock on the door.

“Mrs. Price?” the man asked.

“I am sorry to say your husband was found in the bay this morning, there was nothing we could do to save him”.

With that, Mrs. Frances Price learned of her husband’s death.

The Price home had been visited the day before by some of Lieutenant Price’s companions from his days serving in his Majesty’s Navy. They had gone to the local tavern to celebrate their reunion. The Lieutenant was the only one who did not return home.

As her husband’s body was interred into the cold ground, it was not just the realization of the loss of her husband that occurred to Mrs. Price, it was the loss of his income, as meager as it had been. She had been assured that his pension and any remaining wages would be hers, but it was not enough to cover their debts. Her eldest son, William, had also assured his mother that he would sent home as much of his own wages as he could, but even then, she had nine children to care for. She could have written to her brother in law, Sir Thomas Bertram for assistance, but he already so much for them, including taking in her eldest daughter, Fanny, who had only recently returned to them.

Then Mr. Crawford came calling.

“My name is Henry Crawford, madam; I became acquainted with William and Fanny while my sister and I rented the parsonage at Mansfield Park. I heard about your husband’s death, I am sorry for your loss”.

“Thank you, Mr. Crawford”.

“If I may, where is Fanny?”.

“She is on the roof”.

Fanny sat on the roof; she had climbed up to the roof to find peace from the noise down below.  Her father was dead, she was banished from Mansfield, it was as if the world she knew was collapsing around her. If Edmund were here, he would know what to say, but he was not.

“Miss Price” Henry’s voice broke through.

“If you have come, Mr. Crawford, in hopes that I have reconsidered your proposal…”.

“I have come, Miss Price to pay my respects to your family, however, I would still hope, that in time you will reconsider what I have proposed, I bid you good day”.

He returned the next day and everyday for next two weeks bringing sweets and gifts for the youngest children and books for the elder children.

“You are too generous Mr. Crawford” Mrs. Price was in awe of the attention and gifts bestowed on her children.

“It is my pleasure, considering they have lost their father recently, I thought some cheering up might be in order”.

“They are greatly appreciated” Fanny’s footsteps were heard on the stairs “Fanny, look who has returned”.

“Good morning, Mr. Crawford” came the reply.

“If I may, Mrs. Price, I would like to speak to your eldest daughter alone”.

“Of course, Mr. Crawford”.

“You have fooled my family, Mr. Crawford, but I am not fooled”.

“I am aware, Fanny of my faults, the greatest of which is a specialty of pretense, which you have seen through since our first introduction. I have come, dropped of all pretense in hopes that you might forgive my past indiscretions and allow me to court you properly”.

“Mr. Crawford…”.

“An engagement between your cousin, Mr. Bertram and my sister is expected to be announced.  I could, if you allow me to erase your father’s debts and give your family the opportunities to excel in society.  I would treat you as a queen, you would want for nothing. I love you, Fanny Price, it is for you alone, I have come. Please say you will marry me”.

Fanny bit her lip. Knowing that her family was provided for, that they would not be relying on charity from others would be a great relief. But to marry a man she did not love and knew of his dishonorable character would be a great disservice to her own heart.

But for her family, she would sacrifice.

“I will marry you”.

He saw the tears in her eyes.

“I do not wish to make you unhappy Fanny, nor do I want force you into marriage. If you do not wish to marry me, say so and I will go on as if this moment had never happened”.

“Henry, I will marry you” she reaffirmed her statement.

He kissed her and she returned his kiss, but in her heart, she mourned.

Her family rejoiced at the upcoming nuptials, Sir Thomas offered her a dowry of £5000 in addition to paying for her wedding trousseau. She returned to MansfieldPark, spending the next two months preparing for her wedding.

The day of her wedding was a bright, glorious day, the wedding dress the most beautiful she had ever seen. Her aunt, Lady Bertram had proclaimed the dress to be even more beautiful than her own daughter’s wedding dresses.

The doors to the chapel opened and Fanny walked to alter on the arm of her uncle.

She passed by her mother, how proud she looked. Her brothers and sisters shared the same look of pride in their new clothes, purchased by Sir Thomas specifically for today. Even William came, wearing his military uniform, the buttons shined like the sun. Edmund was there as well, standing next to Mary. It was as predicted; the news of an engagement between them had only come about the week before and it seemed that Mary was content to become a country clergyman’s wife.

Finally she met Henry at the alter. Looking in his eyes, she repeated her vows and then kissed her new husband, but inside she still mourned.

She would mourn for the rest of her days.

The End

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On His Own

*-I don’t own these characters, just borrowing

*-Please review

 On His Own

At first glance, one might see Charles Bingley as an amiable man who looked upon everyone he met with a gentle eye and a warm heart. That in fact, was the truth of his character. His good friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy and his sisters, Caroline Bingley and Louisa Hurst knew of his character and made certain attempts to prevent him from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous sorts.

He had been in love before, or so he claimed. Every woman he met was beautiful and charming. The most beautiful and charming of all of the women he had ever come into acquaintance with was a Miss Jane Bennet, the eldest daughter of a minor country gentlemen. She had four younger sisters and a very small inheritance. Charles had not spoken that he loved her, but his companions could see it in his eyes, in his actions.

His sisters claimed to like Miss Bennet, for she was sweet and agreeable, but upon seeing the actions of Miss Bennet and her immediate family, they had come to the conclusion that Mrs. Bennet was like every country mama, looking for a rich husband for her daughters and her eldest daughter had no true feeling for Charles beyond his income. It was thus concluded and explained to Charles that a match with Miss Bennet was improper.

Half heartedly, he agreed. He left Netherfield, hoping that one day; she would forgive him for his actions.

He got that chance, only a few months later, noticing the carriage pulling away from the London townhouse he shared with Caroline.

“Who was in that carriage?” Charles inquired of his housekeeper.

“A Miss Jane Bennet to see your sisters, sir”.

She was here, in London, a fact which had been concealed from him.

“Caroline, was Miss Bennet here?” he asked pointedly.

“Yes, Charles, she just left”.

“Why did you not tell me she was here?”.

“We did not want to disturb your work, Charles, we were perfectly capable to entertaining Miss Bennet by ourselves” Louisa interjected.

“Charles, where are you going?” his sisters demanded.

But before they could get answer, he was already in the carriage, directing the driver to his lawyer’s office. Miss Bennet had mentioned that her uncle was a lawyer, living in Cheapside. If he wished to find her and make amends, there was only one place to start.

Two hours later, Charles stepped into the office of Mr. Edward Gardiner.

“May I help you sir?” the clerk asked.

“Is Mr. Gardiner in?”.

“Do you have an appointment?”.

“No, I don’t, my name is Charles Bingley, I am acquainted with his sister’s family in Meryton”.

He was led into the office of Mr. Gardiner.

“So you are Charles Bingley”.

“I am sir”.

He took a moment to assess the young man who stood before him. Fanny had enthusiastically written to her brother, that their presence would soon be needed in Meryton for a wedding. Not even a month later, her letters took an entirely sober tone, Mr. Bingley and his party had departed Netherfield, the day they would return was unknown.

Jane was a quiet girl, she had always been. Her uncle suspected that Mr. Bingley’s sudden departure had led to his eldest niece’s more somber tone.

“I understand from my sister that your departure from Meryton was rather sudden, they were quite fond of your company”.

“Our departure was not of my choosing, my companions felt it was best for all if we moved on”.

“I suspect young man, that you have sought me out to make amends for your sudden disappearance”.

“Yes, sir, though I cannot make amends to all, perhaps your eldest niece would be good enough, at least for the present”.

“Well, you seem eager enough to make amends. You are invited tomorrow night for dinner, if my niece sees fit to forgive you, that is her choice”.

The next night, as the housekeeper prepared the table for dinner, Mrs. Gardiner asked why an additional place was being set.

“It was the masters order, ma’am”.

“We are having a guest for dinner” .

“May I ask who?”.

“You shall know when he arrives” Mr. Gardiner replied.  He had only known of Charles Bingley through his sister’s letters, but he suspected some unspoken feelings between the young people.

“Mr. Bingley” Jane was surprised to see him in the entrance of her aunt and uncle’s house.

“Miss Bennet”.

They looked at each other for a moment, waiting for the other to speak first.

“How are your sisters since I saw them last?” Jane asked.

“They are well. And you? Your family?”.

“My sisters are both well, thank you” she replied.

“Pardon me, miss, the master has called for dinner to begin” the maid led the both of them to the dinner table.

“My love, what exactly are you planning?” Mrs. Gardiner asked her husband, noticing the two young people had been placed together at the table.

“Wait and see, my dear” her husband replied with a smile.

Dinner was a relatively quiet meal, without much excitement.

After dinner, Mrs. Gardiner hurried her children to prepare for bed.

“Mama, we want to stay up with cousin Jane” The Gardiner’s children adored their older cousins and were thrilled that Jane was staying with them.

“Not tonight, my dears” Mrs. Gardiner ushered her children upstairs, finally understanding her husband’s plan.

“It is lovely night” Charles commented.

“It is” Jane agreed.

How lovely you are” he thought.

They stood for the next few moments in silence. He dared not reach out; even to brush her hand if only for a moment. It would take only that moment to draw out everything he wished he could say to her.

“I think, Miss Bennet, that our evening must draw to a close, Caroline will be concerned about my whereabouts”.

“Of course Mr. Bingley, it was a pleasure to see you again” Jane started usher him out. He could feel his heart beating, if he walked out now, he might never have this chance again.

“Miss Bennet…Jane” he stammered and then burst out uncharacteristically “I love you; I have loved you since the moment we met. I beg of you to forgive me, I never meant to hurt you. Please marry me”.

“Mr. Bingley, I, uh, I thank for your offer, but I must consider what have proposed, your absence has caused me much to consider”.

“Of course, take as much time as you need” kissing her hand, he then walked out.

If he had proposed three months ago, her answer would have been an immediate yes. But his sudden departure had caused her truly consider what her life would be with him. Or was Elizabeth starting to influence her?

The question that haunted her as she sat down to write to Elizabeth.

“Mr. Bingley has proposed to me. He must have found out our uncle’s residence from his sisters. I do love him, Lizzy, but I do not know if marriage is the best choice, for I fear that he may put my opinions second to his sisters and Mr. Darcy’s. Please write and advise me, for it is your opinion that I rely on most.

 Your beloved sister, etc


A week later, Elizabeth’s letter arrived.

 “If you love him Jane, then I see no reason to not accept him. However, I believe that must make him understand he must put your marriage first, for you both are of such an amiable disposition, that your opinions would be drowned out by others.  Write to me and tell me of your answer, for I would dearly love to see you happy.

 Yours, etc


 It just over a week later, that Jane finally wrote to him. The week since the dinner at her uncle’s house had progressed to the point of madness. He wondered if she had even considered his proposal, or even if she had left another man in Meryton. After all, he had left her unexpectedly and she was far from lacking in agreeability, intelligence and beauty.

 Then the letter came.

“Mr. Bingley, I have answer for you. If you are free tomorrow, I should like to speak with you”

 Yours etc

Jane Bennet

Dropping the letter, he called for the carriage. Two hours later, he returned.

 “Charles, where have you been?” Caroline asked.

Then she saw what he had purchased.

“Charles Edward Bingley, do not tell me that you still wish to marry Miss Bennet?”.

“As a matter of fact, I do intend to marry her”.

“Charles, I implore you, do not marry her. Think of yourself, think of me, think of our family reputation. Her family is ridiculous and will ruin us all”.

“Caroline” while her brother was normally quite amiable, he could only take so much “I will marry Miss Bennet, if she will have me, which I hope she will, especially after the way you and Louisa have treated her. After we are wed, if you do not extend every courtesy to her family, you will not be welcome in my home”.

With that, Caroline Bingley became quiet, a feat which few had been able to accomplish.

The next day, Charles entered the Gardiners home.

“I understand, young man, you wish to marry my niece” Mr. Gardiner was quick the point.

“I do sir”.

“And you, Jane, would you marry him?”.

“I would uncle”. Jane replied.

If they were properly betrothed, he would have kissed her; reveling in what he hoped would be the first of many kisses.

But they were not, there was still one obstacle; Jane’s father. He knew little of Mr. Bennet; he only hoped that he would approve their marriage.

“Well, young man, it is not for me to ultimately decide who my nieces marry, but I shall write to my brother in law and inform him of your proposal”.

A week later, Charles arrived at Longbourne, anxious about the conversation he was about the conversation he was about to have.

Jane had arrived the day before, to prepare her family for Mr. Bingley’s arrival.

“Come in Mr. Bingley” Elizabeth opened the door for him.

“Mr. Bingley” he was greeted in turn by each of the younger Bennet girls, who had to be shooed away by Elizabeth.

“I trust your journey was uneventful, sir” Mrs. Bennet and Jane approached him.

“Extremely uneventful”.

“My father wishes to speak to you, Mr. Bingley”.

The day before she was to return to Hertfordshire, they spoke privately.

“Are you positive? I have treated you abominably; I do not want to force you into marriage in which you feel I would be unreliable…”.

“I understand your reasoning, Charles, I only hope that it is your opinion and heart you will consider before your sisters and Mr. Darcy”.

He light up at her use of his Christian name.

“May I kiss you?” he asked.


It was chaste and sweet, but it felt like the beginning of something new and wonderful.

Then she took a step back and became quiet.

“What? Have I become too forward?” Charles asked.

“No, I feel as if I am to blame, had I spoken of my feelings sooner…”.

“My dear, sweet Jane, you are blameless. I was too easily persuaded, I should have come forward sooner”.

“But it was I who should have expressed myself…”.

“May we leave it as we were both wrong?” Charles asked.

“Yes” Jane agreed. “I believe sir; we have completed our first quarrel”.

“We indeed, have, madam”.

“Jane, send Mr. Bingley in and close the door behind you” came her father’s voice.

“I have received an interesting letter from my brother in law, it seems, sir, you have laid a proposal of marriage at feet of my eldest daughter”.

“I have, sir”.

“Has she accepted you?”.

He tried to remain calm, but the thought that she had accepted him, despite his actions, brought a smile to his face.

“Yes, she has”.

“I have concerns, Mr. Bingley. I know my Jane loves you, but I also know the heartbreak she experienced when you left Meryton.  Knowing that Jane and my grandchildren are unhappy are not the thoughts that should cross a father’s mind when he lays his head down at night”.

His heart immediately dropped to his stomach, he was nearly expecting that Mr. Bennet would refuse his blessing.

“However, I admire a man who has the courage to admit when he had made a mistake. As I stated, Jane’s happiness is all that I wish for and if you should make her happy for the rest of her days, I see no reason to impede your marriage”.

“Thank you, sir, you will not regret your decision” Outside the door came a loud cheer.

“I am sure I wont, sir” letting his wife and his daughters celebrate Jane’s engagement, he returned to his paper.

Within a month, they were married. The morning after the wedding, they lay in their bridal chamber.

“What shall we do now?” Jane asked. The shock of their first intimate act as husband and wife soon gave way to a very pleasurable evening.

“I think it is high time that Darcy should be wed and I do believe your sister Elizabeth would be a fine wife for him”.

“My sister would rather walk on cut glass than even consider a marriage proposal from  Mr. Darcy”.

“Is that a challenge?” Charles asked.

“Perhaps” Jane replied.

But that was for tomorrow, for the rest of the day, everyone else faded into the background.

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*-These characters are only borrowed.

*-Please review.


I watched her sleep. After nearly a week, her fever was dying down and her color was returning.

The physician has confirmed that Miss Bennet’s health was returning and she could return home within a day or two. Her sister, Miss Elizabeth had come to nurse her; she was the best nurse to be found. I doubted my sisters would do the same for each other.

I knew I should not be standing in her room, but I could found myself rooted to the floor.

Mrs. Bingley, Mrs. Jane Bingley. How wonderful that sounds. I can already see the children we will have and life we will have together.

Of course my sisters and Darcy will tell me otherwise. She has a very small inheritance, country manners, low connections and immediate relations that my sisters would prefer to remain as far away from as they could.

“Charles, where are you?” I heard Caroline’s voice from the bottom of the stairs.

“I shall be right down” I replied.

Perhaps as soon as she is well, I will pay a visit to her father, to get permission to court her properly. It’s time I married and there is no other woman I wish to call wife than Jane Bennet.

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Her Choice/While Beauty Sleeps

*- As usual, these characters are not mine.

 *Takes place in between the library scene and the ballroom scene.

 Her Choice

Belle had dreamed of prince charming, it had been an ideal that she had clung to since she was a young girl, being read fairy tales to by her mother at bedtime. That was before her mother died in childbirth, the son she was supposed to bring into the world dying with her.

 Her father had always been a little eccentric, as a child she loved it. He still read to her the fairy tales his wife had loved and as she grew, Belle read them herself.  But in her small town, she was an outcast, considered odd for her love of books and her eccentric father. The only man who had approached her was Gaston, repugnant and unattractive. Becoming his wife was the last thing she wanted.

 She had no idea at the time that fate would throw her way, a man who would become her prince charming.

 Some might call him a beast, as she had called him. But he wasn’t, he was just misunderstood, as she had been.

 As the time passed and fall became winter, they spent their days in the library. The Beast was not unintelligent, he simply lacked the education she had been given.

 They had been reading and sharing, when they fell asleep. Belle woke up to see the moon had risen and the fire had died out.

 She looked at him as she sat up and stretched. She could return to her room, Madame would have a comfortable night gown and her bed ready for the night.

 Or, she could stay in here, with him. He was not what the storybooks had described prince charming to be. But he was generous, warm, and caring; making sure her every want was fulfilled.  She had long looked beyond the claws and horns, but she could not yet admit that she loved him.

 She could have returned to her own room, but she looked at him peacefully sleeping.  He was warm, he was comfort, and he was home. If this was the life she was meant to live, if he was the man she was meant to be with, she would never complain.

 Belle returned to him, resting her head against his shoulder, letting his arm drape around her. Her choice was made.


*As usual, these characters are not mine

 *Based on the 1946 movie, if you haven’t seen this movie, I suggest you do.

 While Beauty Sleeps

 The old man had kept his promise; he had sent one of his daughters.

 I watched her crumble onto the ground as I entered the garden. Why shouldn’t she? I was a beast.

 She was light as a feather as I picked her up. Such soft skin, such red lips. When I was a boy I was told faerie stories of women who looked like her. Until now I never knew such a woman could exist.

 I didn’t know her name, but until I knew it, I would call her beauty, for that is what she is.

 As the door opened to her bedroom, her rags became a gown. I gazed at her as she opened her eyes, they were green.

 After informing her that dinner was at seven, I covered my face so she would not see my ugliness.

 I will treat her as she deserves to be treated and maybe one day she will love me enough to break the curse.

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His Heart

Of course these characters are not mine.

 *Please review

 His Heart

He lay in their bed, watching Belle brush her hair, the various shades of mahogany dancing in the candlelight.

 “Are you done?” he asked.

 “Almost” she replied.

 In all of the years of being cursed as a beast, he had never dreamed that a woman like her would enter his life. She had the smile of an angel, the patience of a saint, the intelligence of Athena and the beauty of Aphrodite. Most of all, she returned his love and he was a better man for it.

 “A franc for your thoughts, my love” Belle said quietly, noticing the faraway look in his eyes as she had climbed onto him.

 “It’s nothing”.

 “Please tell me”.

 In his mind, he was not in their bedroom, but on the balcony, on the day he nearly lost her.

 The fight with Gaston had reached its climax; the Beast has nearly given up when Belle’s voice broke through the melee.

 By the time she had reached the balcony, he was ready to fight again.

 With the Beast distracted, Gaston saw his opportunity to make the kill.  But he missed his intended target, the knife lodged in Belle instead.

 Gaston’s eyes grew wide as he realized who the knife had penetrated. The Beast turned on him, his eyes full of rage. As the Beast stomped toward him, the ground beneath him shook. Before Gaston could reach for something, the ground crumbled beneath him, causing him to fall into the bog below.

 “Beast…” Belle called out him, her blood covering her hands and quickly spreading across her skirt.

 “This will only hurt for a moment” as gently as he could, he pulled the knife of out her and threw it to the ground, before cradling her into his lap.

 “I should have said it before, I…” she started.

 “Don’t waste your strength”.

 “I love you”. Then she was gone.

 “And I love you” he whispered.  Around him, lights surrounded his castle and his servants, as they returned to their previous forms, but the one person he needed was gone.

 “It seems, young prince, you have changed your ways” the sorceress appeared, startled by the appearance of young boy she had cursed, his eyes full of remorse and loss.

 “Her life force is not yet completely depleted, I can restore her life force, but your human form will never return”.

 “If I am to agree, I would ask of one condition…” the beast started to ask.

  “You wish to know her as man knows his lover. If you are agreeable young prince, then we have a deal”.

 He nodded in agreement.

 He felt them both lifted surrounded by light as the world went dark around him.

 When he woke up, he looked around, nothing had changed. Looking in the mirror, his claws, fangs and horns were gone, but he was still a beast.

 “Master, she is awake and has asked for you”.

 When he entered her room, her found her father sitting with her. 

 “It seems, young man, that I made a mistake. You make my daughter very happy. I hope you will continue to do so for many years” Standing up, Maurice left the room.


 “Hi” she replied.

  “How are you feeling?”.

 “I will survive. I want to thank you for saving my life again”.

 “Anytime” he replied before clearing his throat nervously.

 “I was wondering, well, in light of recent events, if you would like to stay here, with me, instead of going back home with your father”.

 “I couldn’t think of anything better”.

 For the first time in ten years, his future was bright and he was happy.

 He was woken up from his memories by her kiss.

 “Do you feel better now?” Belle asked.


 “Good, because no matter what they say, you are my beast and I wouldn’t have it any other way”.

 She lay on top of him for a moment, the only sound being the sound of their heartbeats.

 He blew out the candle as she rolled next to him and they both fell into sleep.

 The End

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Almost Twelve

*-The only characters that I own are Isabelle and Philippe, the rest I cannot claim.

 *-I enjoy reviews, please review.

 Almost Twelve


“I figured that you would be here” Vincent found Isabelle sitting under the great tree on the south lawn, her head buried in a book. He had to take a second look to remind himself that it was not his wife, but his daughter.  

 Isabelle had been a miniature of her mother since the day she was born, except for the flares of her temper and arguments that had come about recently between mother and daughter. That temper, he knew too well where it came from.

 “I am not so little anymore, papa, I will be twelve next month” she proudly replied.

 “We are well aware, my dear, of your age, but you must not talk to your mother as you have”.

 “If I am to be princess one day…” Isabelle started to protest.

 “A good princess listens and considers all paths before speaking and deciding”.

 “She treats me like a child, like I am still Philippe’s age. In ten years, I will be crown princess and after you and mama die, I will be high princess”.

 “Yes, you will be, but until then and even after that, you still cannot treat your mother as you have. She is very upset”.

 “I didn’t mean to upset her, papa, I just…”.

 “I know, but from now on, try not to argue with Belle, please, for my sake, I cannot have the two women I love most in the world upset at each other”.

 “I will try, papa” Isabelle agreed.


 “I am sorry mama” Isabelle ran to her mother.

 “It is alright, darling; I should have not been cross with you”.

 Belle’s eye’s met her husbands. All was well for now, this would not be the last time mother and daughter would battle. After all, Isabelle was her parent’s child and as she herself pointed out, she was almost twelve.

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