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I watched her sleep. After nearly a week, her fever was dying down and her color was returning.

The physician has confirmed that Miss Bennet’s health was returning and she could return home within a day or two. Her sister, Miss Elizabeth had come to nurse her; she was the best nurse to be found. I doubted my sisters would do the same for each other.

I knew I should not be standing in her room, but I could found myself rooted to the floor.

Mrs. Bingley, Mrs. Jane Bingley. How wonderful that sounds. I can already see the children we will have and life we will have together.

Of course my sisters and Darcy will tell me otherwise. She has a very small inheritance, country manners, low connections and immediate relations that my sisters would prefer to remain as far away from as they could.

“Charles, where are you?” I heard Caroline’s voice from the bottom of the stairs.

“I shall be right down” I replied.

Perhaps as soon as she is well, I will pay a visit to her father, to get permission to court her properly. It’s time I married and there is no other woman I wish to call wife than Jane Bennet.

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