What Might Have Happened

*-The only characters that are mine are Lucy Crawford and John, Frances and Maria Bertram. The rest, brilliantly belong to Jane Austen.

 What Might Have Happened

“Your tea, dear” Henry’s thoughts were broken by his wife, Lucy with the maid behind her with the tea.

 “Thank you”.

 Scanning over the news, Lucy found something that she thought might attract her husband’s attention.

 “You spend some time in _____shire with the family of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram before we met did you not?” Lucy asked.

 “Yes” Henry replied sipping his tea.

 Memories of his short time at MansfieldPark led him to one person in particular.

 She saw through his pretensions immediately, he knew that. But he had hoped that she would also see his heart, he had never met a woman like Fanny Price. She challenged him, made him earn her love. He thought he had her love, but it wasn’t enough, she still rejected him. In the end, she married her cousin, Edmund Bertram.  

 He had met his wife, Lucy two years later. She was the niece of an acquaintance whom he had met through his sister. They married within a year of their first meeting. She was adequate and their children were well behaved and intelligent. But part of him always wondered what might have happened if the woman on the other side of him was the woman he still thought of.

 “Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram of MansfieldPark announce the birth of an heir. John Thomas Bertram was born last Monday to the Reverend and Mrs. Edmund Bertram, the younger son of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram. The boy already joins his sisters, Frances, age 4 and Maria age 2”.

 “Didn’t Mary say they had an elder son?” Lucy asked.

 “Yes, but I don’t believe he has yet to marry”.

 Letting his memories fade back in the recesses of his mind, Henry returned to the present. Fanny Price was married to another man; there was nothing he could do about it now.  The only thing he could was concentrate on the present and perhaps one day, he might be able to find salvation from his memories.

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