Family Dinner

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 Family Dinner


“Must we go tonight? I can think far more pleasant activities to occupy the evening” Fitzwilliam groaned as his wife finished tying his cravat.

“We must go, my darling, otherwise mama will never let us hear the end of it” Elizabeth understood her husband’s trepidation; she knew how her mother could be, even on her best day.

A week ago, a letter has arrived at Pemberly from Longbourn, containing Mrs. Bennet’s unmistakable handwriting.

“Lizzy, you and Fitzwilliam must come to dinner a week from tomorrow, for I am anxious to see you and the children, it has been ages since your father and I have seen you”.

“At least tell me that Charles and Jane will be in attendance” Fitzwilliam adored his wife and his children and found his father in law to be quiet but extremely tolerable. The addition of Jane and Charles and their respective children would only lighten the mood.

But it was his mother in law, Mrs. Bennet and her daughters, who were not yet married, Kitty and Mary who he dreaded. Mary, engrossed in her books and her music, never really speaking except of remind them of some obscure religious tract and Kitty, still very much unrestrained and girlish in her actions.

Then there was Mrs. Bennet, who like Kitty, was often unrestrained in her actions and her words. But Elizabeth often reminded her husband that her mother’s actions were not out of malice, but love, in her own way of course.

“Charles and Jane are on the continent, they will be returning next month” Elizabeth reminded her husband.  Charles had been traveling to the continent for business and instead of leaving Jane and the children at home; he decided to make it a family vacation in addition to his business.

Fitzwilliam groaned again, the company of his friend could drone out the most trying conversation of their respective mother in law.

“I will reconcile you with one thought” Elizabeth offered.

Not even you, my beloved, can offer any reconciliation” Fitzwilliam thought to himself, but let his wife continue.

“Lydia and Wickham are still sequestered at Newcastle, they will not be returning until Michaelmas”.

The thought of having spent a meal with George Wickham sent a chill through Darcy. His dislike and extreme distrust of the man had only intensified over the years, making any situation where he was forced to be in the room with his former childhood playmate to be utterly unbearable. The only positive action that had come out his connection to Wickham was that after nearly a year their first meeting, the forced marriage of Lydia to Wickham had brought him to his heart’s true desire.

“Pardon me, Mr. Darcy, the carriage is waiting” Mrs. Reynolds knocked on the door.

“I suppose, Lizzy that means we must go” Darcy came to the unhappy conclusion.

“Yes, it does” Lizzy agreed.

“Are the children ready?” Lizzy asked, opening the door.

“Yes, ma’am”.

“It’s only a few hours” Lizzy held out her hand to her husband’s.

“I suppose”.

“They could be coming to Pemberley” Lizzy reminded him as they climbed into the carriage.

Again, Darcy knew this wife was right. As much as Mrs. Bennet loved her daughters, she loved to brag that her elder daughters had married very well. Her non stop praise of both Netherfield and Pemberly irritated him to no end, especially when she visited. At least when they visited Longbourn, there was always the opportunity to exit if needed.

As the carriage pulled into Longbourn, Lizzy squeezed his hand as Mrs. Bennet’s overly loud voice echoed from the door. Taking a deep breath, he exited the carriage. This was to be long evening.

The End


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I am Brooklyn, NY born and raised writer who needs writing to find sanity in an insane world. To quote Charlotte Bronte: “I'm just going to write because I cannot help it.”

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