One Of The Best Concerts Ever

This past weekend, I saw Pink perform at Madison Square Garden.

I’ve been a far of her music since her first album, this weekend marked the second time I have seen her perform live.

This woman is incredible.

The aerial stunts she performs rivals any acrobat at any circus.

Her music is as it has always been: edgy, powerful, but also open, emotional and vulnerable.

She gives us as fans, everything she has and we love her for it.

My favorite part of the concert were the collection of songs from her first album, Can’t Take Me Home.

If you have tickets for a future show, your in for a treat. If you havent gotten your tickets, but you want to, just get them. Your in for an amazing concert.

If the mark of a good concert is a sore throat and complete exhaustion, then this was an excellent concert.


Portrait Gallery

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Portrait Gallery

“Bloody hell” Fitzwilliam Darcy opened his eyes, no matter what manner he tried, sleep remained elusive.

He wandered through the halls of Pemberley, until he reached the portrait gallery. It was a mere hallway, but it had been chosen to hold the portraits of Darcy family going back for nearly 200 years.

The most recent portraits were his parents wedding portrait 30 years ago and himself and Georgiana painted a dozen years ago. With every new generation, older paintings had been moved further down, making space for the next generation of Darcy’s.

Fitzwilliam had hoped to add his own family to this wall. The only issue was that the women he so desperately wished to join him on that portrait had blatantly refused him.

“You are mistaken, Mr. Darcy, if you suppose that the mode of your declaration affected me in any other way, than as it spared me the concern which I might have felt in refusing you, had you behaved in a more gentleman-like manner.”

She saw him start at this, but he said nothing, and she continued,

“You could not have made me the offer of your hand in any possible way that would have tempted me to accept it.”

Again his astonishment was obvious; and he looked at her with an expression of mingled incredulity and mortification. She went on.

“From the very beginning, from the first moment I may almost say, of my acquaintance with you, your manners, impressing me with the fullest belief of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disdain of the feelings of others, were such as to form that ground-work of disapprobation, on which succeeding events have built so immoveable a dislike; and I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry.”

Those words had haunted him. He had tried to remind himself how unwise a match with Elizabeth Bennet was. Her family was wholly unconnected in addition to lacking any sort of decorum. It was not for him that he tried to convince himself that she was unsuitable; it was for Georgiana as well.

She was not out in society yet, but she would be in the next few years. If and when he had married by then, his sister’s chances at a good match were as much hinged on her character as his and by extension, his wife and children.

He could do better for a wife, and he could do worse. Caroline Bingley, if he was of a mind to be persuaded, would be a suitable wife. Her rank and wealth would be approved in the eyes of his peers, but to wake up with her everyday, it sent a chill down his spine.

Of course, his aunt would be more than pleased if he and Anne would ever marry. But again, to wake up next to Anne, that would be worse than Caroline Bingley. She was amiable enough, but too amiable.

He needed a wife who would excite him, in and out of the bedroom, who would make him feel like every day was their honeymoon.

That night they danced at Netherfield, he could feel her fine eyes burning into him. If they were not in a crowded ballroom and propriety demanded control, he would kissed her until their lips were bruised and swollen, until she truly knew how much he loved her.

But fate and his foolish pride had chosen otherwise. She loathed him and would likely end up married to another man. His punishment was appropriate, he hoped he might be one day back in her good graces, but if he was unable to, Elizabeth Bennet would always reside in his heart.

Happy Ending

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Happy Ending
It had been two days since the transformation. Belle’s life had changed in ways she could have only dreamt of months before. A prince loved her, he wanted to marry her. He wanted to give her and her father a completely different life. Belle should have been happy. And yet something did not feel right.

Belle missed her beast. This man who stood before her had his eyes, but he was not her beast.

He had proposed yesterday and she accepted, but she still questioned her decision. When Cogsworth had announced two hours before that dinner was served, she feigned a headache and asked for a tray to be sent up.

The Beast, now referred to by his proper title, Prince Vincent sat down to dinner, expecting his fiancé to join him. Then Cogsworth announced that Vincent would be dining alone.

Vincent had not seen Belle since last night; she had closed herself in her room after his proposal.

“Tread carefully master” Mrs. Potts suggested.

“Merci, Mrs. Potts, I shall”.

Noticing the tray with the empty dishes waiting outside the door, he knocked. There was no answer.

Then he knocked again.

The response was again the same.

Quietly entering the room, he found her standing at the window. Her hair blowing around her, the night dress illuminating her body in ways he hadn’t known before. If she heard him enter, she didn’t turn around.

“I love you, please say you love me” he whispered in her ear as his lips grazed her neck.

“I love you” she murmured, leaning against him, her skin heating up as his lip continued to burn a trail down her shoulder which was now bare.

“I know you are scared, this is just as scary for me. But I promise you, we will get through everything together”.

Turning around, she took his face in her hands and kissed him.

He deepened the kiss, pulling her toward him.

“Don’t ever leave me again”.

“I promise”.

“Make love to me”.

Wordlessly he lifted her off her feet and carried her to bed. By the time they reached the bed, his shirt had disappeared and her night dress was bunching up toward her hips.

He was all man, masculine and powerful and yet, there the animal he was still lurked inside of him. It was potent combination that was irresistible.

The servants were not at all surprised the next morning, to find their master in the bed of his lady.

When they awoke and made their way downstairs, the prince seemed to be more interested in his fiancé more than anything else that day.

“Your highness” his ministers called him from his day dream.

“I apologize, monsieur, please continue” They had returned from their self imposed exile when they heard that the prince had somehow returned to them. They hoped he wasn’t the impatient, spoiled young man they remembered him to be, for now he had proved them otherwise. They might have also objected to the prince’s choice of bride, her familial origins were of low and unknown origins. But considering the prince’s history and past conduct, the decision had been made to not object. Besides, the way they looked at each other, a royal heir and spare might not too far off.

Vincent had often thought what it would have been like to kiss her, to prove how much he loved her. She trusted sharing with him a part of herself she hadn’t shared with anyone else.

As soon the ministers concluded their business, Vincent found Belle in the library, meeting with her own newly titled ladies in waiting.

“Leave us”.

“Majesty” the curtsied before making a hasty exit.

“I want to make a child with you” he growled.

“What are you waiting for?” Belle asked with a knowing smile, undoing the buttons on the back of her dress.

It was a surprise to no one that within nine months, not only were Belle and Vincent properly married, but a heir and a spare were born.

The End


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Gloria hoped it wasn’t breast cancer. But she had a feeling it was, the lump in her left breast that she had discovered the week before.

The cancer was in her blood. Her grandmother had developed breast cancer toward the end of her life, but it was the heart disease that ultimately killed her. Her mother received the diagnosis when Gloria was in her early 20’s. After fifteen years, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and multiple pronouncements that her mother was in remission, she lost her battle with the disease.

Gloria had done everything right. She eat properly, regularly attended the yoga and aerobics classes at the local gym, tested herself regularly and had her annual mammogram every year since her mother’s diagnosis.

But she was 45, only two years younger than her mother when she received the initial diagnosis. Death was not an option, she still had so many things that she wanted to accomplish. Her twin sons, Gavin and Michael had just graduated high school; two days ago, they made the reservations for the hotels so the boys could attend freshmen orientation.

What would her husband, Tommy, do without her? He had never done a stitch of housework, or stepped into the kitchen to make a meal, except for the not so secret pre dinner snack. Without Gloria, her boys were likely to live in a pig sty, wear dirty clothes and eat fast food for the rest of their days.

“Mrs. Rikowski?” the nurse called out from the front desk.

“Here” Gloria picked up her jacket and purse, trying to calm her nerves.

“The doctor will see you now” the door to the long hallway of exam rooms opened. The nurse, an African American man in his late twenties, wearing all white and a calm smile on his face led her to one of the waiting rooms.

The room was covered in white. White paper on the examining table, white counter tops, white shelves. The only color was on the posters on the walls and the gleaming silver of the instruments.

The sounds of the foot steps and the creaking of the hinges announced the doctor.

“Here goes nothing” Gloria though to herself.

“How are you today, Mrs. Rikowski? I’m Doctor Frischmann” the blonde woman not much younger then her asked.

“I’m as well I can be” Gloria tried to hide her nervousness.

“According to your chart, I see that you have a history of breast cancer”.

“My mother and grandmother both had cancer”.

“If you can stand there, we can begin”.

Gloria’s heart began to pound as she stepped behind the machine.

Her heart didn’t stop pounding until the test was over.

“We will call you in a couple days once we have analyzed the test.”

“Thank you”.

“May I share something with you, Mrs. Rikowski, woman to woman?” the doctor asked as Gloria stepped from behind the door of the dressing room. She knew the look on Mrs. Rikowski’s face, every woman who walked through the doors wore the same look.

Gloria nodded her head in agreement.

“I understand how you feel. My aunt had breast cancer, it was unfortunately caught too late to do anything. You’re in good hands here; I promise you”.

“I appreciate that”.

When Gloria got home, it was nothing short of normal.

“Hey ma, what’s for dinner?” the boys came in from work right after the other. Michael was a lifeguard at the county pool and Gavin bussed tables at a nearby burger joint.


“Again” Gavin groaned.

“Gavin, your mother put a lot of effort into the meatloaf. Instead of whining, you should be appreciative of the food you have”.

“Sorry, ma”.

“It’s ok”.

After dinner was cleared, Tommy surprised her by offering to dry the dishes.

“How was the doctor’s appointment?”

“Fine, I suppose. They said they will call with the results in a couple of days”.

“Whatever happens, we’ll get through it”.

Despite his lack of doing any sort of housework or cleaning, Tommy was a good man. They had only started dating when her mother was initially diagnosed. He was with her every step of the way, driving them to her mother’s doctor’s appointments and holding her as she cried after her mother’s funeral.

Two days later, the call came.

“Mrs. Rikowski, this is Betty from Dr. Frischmann’s office. We have the test results”.

Gloria held her breath as the nurse continued.

“You don’t have cancer, Mrs. Rikowski. Dr. Frischmann believes it’s the bone under your breast you felt”.

“You don’t know what a relief it is to hear that”.

“I’m glad you’re relieved; if you have any more questions, please call us back”.

“Thank you, you have a nice day”.

“You too ma’am, bye”.


There was always next year, next month, it could come at anytime. But Gloria would not dwell on it, there was too much to live for.

Missing-Series 4 Spoiler READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

*-These characters belong with love and respect; belong to Julian Fellows, Carnival, etc. I am simply a humble admirer borrowing the characters.

*-The story contains a spoiler based for series 4, episode 1. Read at your own risk.


It all happened so fast. George’s birth and Matthew’s accident.

There were nearly a 100 bedrooms for Mary to choose from after Matthew died. But she chose to stay in the bedroom that she shared with him during their short marriage, to sleep in the bed where their son, their only child was created.

It took three months of coaxing from Anna and Cora to convince to Mary to allow the sheets to be washed.

Mary’s depression caused her parents to be concerned. She had never been melancholy sort, but loosing Matthew seemed to have broken her.

She might have not left her room, if it wasn’t for Georgie. George Matthew Crawley, Mary and Matthew’s son and heir to his grandfather’s title was the light of her life. Her grandmother kept insisting that Mary hire a nursemaid, but Mary declined. The only person to nurse her son was his mother.

Tonight was a party being thrown in her honor. Robert and Cora hoped that some new faces might bring a smile to their eldest daughter’s face.

When Sybil died, Mary missed her sister and sympathized with her husband. Tom had become part of the family and Sybee was adored by the adults around her. But until Matthew died, she did not understand the magnitude of such a loss, to parent your child without the one person who you loved above all others.

Tom had been her rock in past six months; she didn’t know what she would do without him.

“Are you ready?” Cora gently knocked before stepping into the room while Anna put the finishing touches on Mary’s hair.

“As I will ever be”.

“Will there be anything else, milady” Anna asked.

“No, Anna, that will be all, thank you” with a final curtsy, Anna left the room.

“You look lovely, my darling”.

“I hope so, mama”.

As Mary began to ascend down the stairs, she heard George cry.


“Mary, I checked on Georgie and Sybie. They are both sleeping”.

“Mama, please, I will be right down, I promise”.

Entering the nursery, Mary found both her son and niece sleeping peacefully.

“I do the same thing” Tom came up behind her.

“Sybil would be proud of you, Tom, the way you’ve built your life here”.

“I think Matthew would say the same thing about you. He’s fine boy, Mary, you should be very proud of him”.

“I am, every day”.

“Tom, Mary, are you coming?” Now it was Edith’s turn to call out.

“Yes, we’re coming”.

The party was a great success. Mary’s smile started to slowly return that evening. Though she would never truly get over the loss of her husband, she knew that everything would be alright in the end.

I Should Have Killed Her

*-These characters belong to Eddie Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Disney, etc.

*-Snows POV from the episode that just aired.

I Should Have Killed Her

I should have killed her.

I should have killed Regina when I had the chance.

Instead I let her live.

She killed my father.

She killed Johanna.

My mother was murdered so Regina could marry my father.

Because of Regina, I was separated from my husband for 28 years.

Because of Regina, I was forced to send my daughter away, forcing her to believe that she alone and unloved.

My mother told me to do always do good.

I no longer care about doing good.

Its time to get my revenge, to make sure that Regina never hurts anyone I love again.

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