Bad Men-Warning Spoilers and Mature Content

*-These characters belong to Disney and the creators of Once Upon A Time.

*- The unfortunate man who was beat up by Mr. Gold was not given a name, for the sake of this fiction, his name is Eddie.

*Post Episode 2×19 “Lacey”. If you have not see this episode, read at your own risk – SPOILER ALERT

*-Rated M for mature content

Bad Men
Lacey watched Mr. Gold magically destroyed Eddie’s tongue before beating him to a bloody pulp.

This was not the gallant and proper gentleman who taken her to lunch the day before. He was powerful and emotional, a man who knew his place in Storybrooke. He was exactly what she needed.

“So it is true, you are as bad as they say”. Lacey stepped over the unconscious man, her eyes never leaving Mr. Gold’s.

This was not Belle. This woman was hungry for something else; she had a sauciness that Belle never had. Perhaps this new woman, this Lacey might not be so bad.

“I like bad men, Mr. Gold and you are the baddest of them all” She kissed him hungrily, wanting to taste the possibilities of this man.

By the time they reached Mr. Gold’s house, Lacey knew that she wanted this man.

“What did you have in mind?” Mr. Gold asked, knowing full well what they both wanted.

“You know what I want Mr. Gold” Lacey pulled down the pins that kept her hair in place and began to undo the top buttons of her blouse.

He returned her kiss as she pushed the jacket off him.

By the time they reached his bedroom and the bed he had once shared with Belle; her legs were wrapped around his waist. Both of their shirts had disappeared and her bra was a moment away from disappearing.

“Last chance to stop, dearie” Mr. Gold warned as they fell onto the bed.

“I don’t recall asking you to stop”.

As he thrust into her, he growled, “you are mine “.

“Did I say I going anywhere?” Lacey asked before kissing him again.

Belle was gone; in her place was a woman who matched his need for power.

Regina thought that replacing Belle with Lacey would destroy him; instead he had a partner who shared his vision for the future. Regina would still pay for what she did, but now, there was two to face instead of one.


*- These characters belong to Miss Austen. I am simply a humble admirer.

*-Based on the relationship between David Morrisey and Charity Wakefield in the 2008 Sense and Sensibility.


It was a beautiful day as Marianne stepped into the garden to cut the flowers. The roses had begun to bloom into a pretty shade of blush.

As she finished her task, she could feel a set of male arms wrapping themselves around her.

Christopher had traveled to town for Navy business; he had left early yesterday morning and was expected to return in time for dinner tonight. He had proposed a holiday to Brighton next month, Marianne had promised to consider the idea while he was away.

“Darling you’re back early”

“Mhmm” came the response as he buried his face into her blonde curls.

“I think you are right, a holiday to Brighton would be a good thing. The children are eager for the sea, as am I. Perhaps mama could join us, she had been altered since Margaret married…”.

“Why don’t we leave your mother and the children at home, we can holiday just you and I?” Marianne knew then that the man behind her was not her husband.

“Willoughy!” Marianne exclaimed as Christopher raced toward her with two burly stable boys behind him. The stable boys held Willoughby back as Christopher fought to contain his anger.

“You, sir, will stay away from my wife and remove yourself from my land; otherwise I will set the law on you”.

“Are you hurt?” Christopher inquired, searching his wife for any injuries.

“No, I am uninjured”.

“Marianne, please, I love you, I’ve always loved you” Willoughby begged as he was dragged away.

Before he was forced back to where his horse was tethered, Marianne walked up to Willoughby, looking him straight in the eye.

“I am not the girl you once knew. You have made your choices and I have made mine. I suggest, sir that you forget about me and return to your wife. Good day, Mr. Willoughby”.

Though Willoughby had been forced out hours before, Christopher could not get the image of his wife and Mr. Willoughby out of his mind.

Mr. Willoughby and Marianne were of a similar age and temperament. Christopher was her second choice, she might still love him, a jealous voice inside of him reminded him.

“Darling, you were quiet during dinner. You mustn’t be jealous of Mr. Willoughby” Marianne sometimes thought back to those days, how blind she had been.

“He is handsome and charming….”.

Marianne put down her hair brush and settled herself comfortably on her husbands lap.

“Handsome and charming he may be, but Mr. Willoughby is also inconstant, thinking of his own desires before any one else’s. While you, my darling husband, are also handsome and charming, you are also constant, giving and one of the best man I know. You have made me a happy woman these past ten years and I wouldn’t have it any other way” She kissed him lightly on the lips, wishing to eradicate his anxieties for good.

They made love slowly that night, relishing their time together and forgetting the past.

The next morning, their children descended into the bedroom, eager to start a new day. Mr. Willoughby was no more.

Talley’s Folley Review

Talley’s Folley is a one act, two character play set in Lebanon Missouri, 1944 in a dilapidated Victoria era boathouse. Written by the late Lanford Wilson, it is about an immigrant attempting to rekindle a romance with a woman fighting her own insecurities.

It is in short, one of the most brillant, simplest, well done plays I have ever seen.

Salley Talley (Sarah Paulson) is the daughter of an old money Missouri family. At age 31, she is presently single with little hope of marriage. Matt Friedman (Danny Burstein) is 42 and a Jewish refugee from Hitler’s Europe. They had a brief romance the year before, Matt has returned to Lebanon to extend the relationship.

Their chemistry is just palpable. These are two damaged people, finding a refuge from their pasts in each other.

I didnt expect this play to be as brillant as it is, but it blew me away. Good writing, whether it is a book, a movie or a play stays with you, this play will stay with me for a long time.

Boston Marathon Massacre

Let me preface this post by saying that I am a native New Yorker and a nearly life long Brooklynite. I am more than willing to trash talk any Massachusetts team that plays against any New York team (especially the Red Sox).

But all that was put aside on Monday afternoon. Before I can use any political, religious or social labels, I am first and foremost, a human being and an American.

I remember 9/11, the chaos and the fear of those days. I remember the seemingly endless funerals, the survivors and families of those killed trying to be brave in the face of unspeakable loss.

My thoughts and prayers are with the survivors and their families. My heart is breaking for the families of the three innocent people killed, especially the young boy whose life was taken far too soon.

There are some in this world who rejoice in the slaughter of innocent Americans. They wish to destroy this great democracy of ours, to dance on the ashes of the freedoms we all hold dear.

America will rally again. We rallied after 9/11, after the hurricanes that destroyed our cities and killed our citizens. America is strong, America is resilient.

For now, we will bow our heads and mourn for our dead. But we will rise again; our strength is our greatest ally.

Wooden Soldiers

*-These characters belong to Miss Austen, only the Darcy children belong to me. I am simply a humble admirer.

Wooden Soldiers

The past two days had been bewildering to Fitzwilliam Darcy.

He and Elizabeth had been quarreling for a reason that escaped both of them. Their children, Bennet and Fannie had noticed their parent’s change of mood and were uncharacteristically quiet.

Bennet snuck into the library, where his father lay with a cold cloth on his head. Reaching for a book, it was just a little too high for him to catch it before it fell. On the way to falling to the ground, the book knocked down a vase that had been purchased by his late paternal grandmother three decades before.

“Bennet William Darcy” his father’s voice thundered throughout Pemberley as the vase smashed into many pieces on the floor.

Bennet began to whimper as Elizabeth, Fannie and Mrs. Reynolds ran into the library.

“Mama” Elizabeth knelt down to her son as tears begin to spill down his cheeks.

“Fitzwilliam, he’s just a boy” Elizabeth chastised her husband as Mrs. Reynolds directed the maids to clean up the remnants of the vase.

“Mama, I’m sorry, I only wanted the book”.

“Next time, darling, if you cannot reach for what you want, you should ask for help”

“Yes mama”.

“I need you and Fannie to go with nanny for a few minutes; I need to have a private word with your father”.

Quietly, the children were led away by their nanny as Elizabeth was alone in the library with her husband.

Mrs. Reynolds heard the tone in her mistress’s voice. Mrs. Darcy was an amiable woman, but she was not above telling her husband when she disagreed with him.

“Whatever quarrel you and I have, Fitzwilliam, do not involve the children. Do you wish your son to grow up with the burden you grew up with?”.

He knew she was right. While George Darcy loved his son, Fitzwilliam knew early in his life of the responsibility that he would one day have.

“I’m sorry, Lizzy, I don’t know what came over me” He cradles his face in his hands, remembering how hard his father had been on him as a boy.

“I know, you are dearest, but you must let our children be children while they are still young”.

“I love you, Elizabeth Darcy”.

“And I love you, Fitzwilliam Darcy” the fight was forgotten, but Fitzwilliam regretted yelling at his son.

“Bennet, come here please”

“Yes, papa” Bennet walked toward his father, the fear easily read in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, son, you were not the reason I was upset. I should not have lost my temper”.

“What about Grandmama’s vase?”.

“Your grandmamma left many things, the vase can be replaced”.

“Truly, papa?” Bennet asked.

“Yes, son, in fact, I have a surprise for you” from behind his back he produced a box of wooden toy soldiers.

“These were mine when I was your age, I want you to have them”.

“Thank you papa” Bennet eagerly ran to the nursery to play with the wooden soldiers.

From that moment on, Fitzwilliam made a promise to himself that his son would have the childhood his father was denied.

The Fifth Question

© 2013

The Fifth Question

My name is Jane and I am a carb-aholic.

However, this week is Passover and for a week, not even a crumb of Chametz has touched my lips.

Every year, we ask the four questions. I always add my own question “Why, this week, do we eat only unleavened bread, when any other week, we eat leavened bread?”. I do it because it is tradition, and as much as I love my carbs, it’s only a week.

At least that is what I told myself today.

Today is the 7th day of Passover, as of sundown, I have 24 hours left. If I lived in Borough Park or Monsey, this holiday would be easy. But I don’t live in either Borough Park or Monsey and that’s where will power comes in.

One of my colleagues, Erica, brought back pasta from the buffet down the street. I had to force myself to not look at her lunch. Thankfully, my phone rang.

An hour later, the garlic bread from Erica’s lunch sat next to the refrigerator, still wrapped in the plastic. I had to force myself to look away.

But I couldn’t look away; it looked so yummy and crumbly. I could already feel it on lips, going down my throat, entering my stomach, feeling satisfied. Nothing but heaven.

It was hypnotizing me, calling my name, begging to be eaten.

“Jane” it called to me. I could see the invisible eat me sign, like the cake that Alice eat in Alice in Wonderland.

I could hear the voice of my grandmother Hannah begging me not to eat it, not forgo thousands of years of tradition for one moment of temptation.

I didn’t know what to do, I was frozen. I wanted the bread, but I knew I couldn’t eat it.

“Hey Erica, do you mind if I finish your bread?” Sam asked from the other side of the room, breaking the spell it held over me.

“Go ahead; I’m still full from lunch”.

I breathed a sigh of relief, silently thanking Sam for saving me from temptation.

When I got home, I took out the spinach Tzimmis and the roast beef I got from my parents.

I had only 24 hours left, and after that, my duty was done, but only until next year.

“Why, this week, do we eat only unleavened bread, when any other week, we eat leavened bread?”.

To paraphrase Fiddler On the Roof: tradition

Domestic Simplicity

*- These characters belong to the creators of Once Upon A Time and Disney. I am simply a humble fan.

Domestic Simplicity

Domestic simplicity was not a concept that Rumplestilskin was used to. But there were a lot of things he had to get used to and if domestic simplicity was one of them, he was happy to get used to it.

Six months after Belle had regained her memory and the Lacey incident was behind them, he and Belle had settled down into a simple life.

Belle returned to her job as the town Librarian and Rumple continued to run his pawn shop. After both had closed for the day and dinner was completed, they had the evening to themselves.

That night, Belle was going through the books she had received in the mail. After reopening the library, a monthly newsletter started going out to the residents of Storybrooke. Included in the newsletter was a list of new books that had been added to the library. That was the task that Belle had assigned herself tonight, to write up the newsletter and include the review the new books.

But her boyfriend had other ideas.

“What do you say, dearie, about going to bed a little early tonight?” his breath tickled her neck. The way he said dearie, was meant for her only.

“You know I love you, but if I don’t email the printers tonight, they won’t have enough time to print them” Belle forced her eyes to remain on the computer screen in front of her, not on her boyfriend who was eager for her to join him in their bedroom. If she looked at him, her resolve to finish her work would disappear.

“If I must wait, I will” Rumple sat down in the living room, patiently waiting for Belle to finish her work.

When she was finally finished with her work, Belle turned off the computer and snuggled against him on the chair, her head leaning into his shoulder.

“What did you have in mind?” she inquired teasingly starting to undo the buttons on his shirt.

“Why don’t I show you?” lifting her up, he carried her to their bedroom.

Domestic simplicity wasn’t a bad thing after all.

I Want To Shop At Selfridges

Last night, PBS and Masterpeice added a new series to their lineup, Mr. Selfridge.

The series tells the story of Harry Gordon Selfridge (Jeremy Piven), an American businessman who opens the first modern department store in 1909 London.

Harry is brash, bold and optimistic against all odds, a retail showman battling against a traditional world where modernity and new ideas are not always welcome.

Harry is married to Rose (Frances OConnor), but is flirting with Ellen Love (Zoe Tapper), a stage actress and Lady Mae (Katherine Kelly), his aristocratic backer.

Harry’s employees include Anges Towler (Aisling Loftus), Mr. Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill) and Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington), each with their own personal drama.

The writer of Mr. Selfridge is Andrew Davies. Mr. Davies has written many well known series, including one of my personal favorites, the 1995 Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle Pride and Prejudice.

Mr. Selfridge is compelling and interesting. Masterpiece has added another gem to it’s lineup and I once again look forward to filling my sunday nights with Masterpiece and PBS.

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