Dancing In The Streets of Jaffa- Dancing in Jaffa Review

The situation is Middle East and Israel, specifically, is complicated.  Despite the finger pointing, the media and multitude of opinions, it is not as simple as black and white.

Dancing in Jaffa, a documentary by Hilla Medalia, follows Pierre Dulaine, a native of Jaffa, who returns to his birth city to teach it’s children to dance.  Mr. Dulaine, born to a Palestinian mother and an Irish father has been a professional ballroom dancer for decades.

He selects five schools. They are either exclusively Jewish or Palestinian, with only one containing a more diverse student body.   The students initial reaction, to both the dancing and their potential dance partners is expected.   In addition to following  Mr. Dulaine, the filmmakers follow several of the students as they learn to dance and spend time with their new friends and dance partners.

What I enjoyed about the documentary is that we, as the audience, understand what it is like to live in Jaffa.   What I gained from this documentary is hope. Hope that these children will remember their dancing experiences and their dancing partners and use this experience to lead us to peace.


A Open Letter to George Lucas And JJ Abrams On The Making Of Episode VII

Dear JJ Abrams and George Lucas

So I hear you’ve been working you’ve been working on Star Wars Episode VII.

As both a fan and a writer, I would like speak in an open and honest manner.

Episodes IV, V and VI, as individual films and as a series are brilliant and perfect and awe inspiring. The influence of  mythology, history, literature and early science fiction is potent. There is a reason why it has become a worldwide phenomenon and has several generations of fans.

Episodes I, II and III fall very far from the tree.

I am hoping that this new film brings a smile and a giddiness to this fan and to every other fan around the around, not a groan and a shameful feeling.

In other words, DON’T MUCK IT UP.

The problem with the last three movies can be summed up in three words : Jar Jar Binks. Granted, his character did grow from simple, childish comic relief type character to admirable character who is responsible and mature. But some, myself included, questioned why this character was created, other than to take advantage of the special effects.

What Lucas forgot with Episodes I, II and III is that the cornerstone of every movie, regardless of how big or small the special effects are, is that the story is key. It is the skeleton that holds the movie together. Without the bones that is the script, the movie falls apart. The special effects of the movie is like the makeup the actor puts on before they go to set, it should enhance the story, it should not be the driving force behind it. Granted, Lucas had the technology with those movies that he didn’t have with Episodes IV, V, VI, but that is not a reason to over use the technology.

In conclusion, I would add that I am simply a humble fan offering suggestions on a movie franchise that still holds a place in my heart.


A Star Wars Fan




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