One HUGE Giant Step Back

The programming geniuses at Fox (The same ones who brought us Joe Millionaire and Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire) will soon be premiering another reality show: Who Wants To Marry Harry.

The premise is the same as any other dating show: Approximately a dozen potential mates are chosen to live in the house with one man or woman being the central dater. As the series goes on, the potentials are eliminated until one is chosen.

What makes this particular series disturbing is that the premise of this series is that it promotes the idea of Prince Charming and happily ever after as if the Feminist movement never existed. The producers of this series seem to think that the audience is dumb, that all women only think about men and marriage.  We don’t want to go to school, we don’t want careers, we  don’t want to better ourselves as human beings, we just want a man. We want a Prince Charming type to sweep us off of our feet and live happily ever after. And, to top it off, this guy who is supposed to be Prince Harry doesn’t even look like him.

There is nothing wrong with a romance,  whether it is a novel, movie or reality series. But it has to be in a way that does not make the audience feel like they’ve lost their intelligence by the end.

Shame on you, Fox.



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