Decision, A Beauty And The Beast Fanfiction

*- I do not own any of these characters, I am just borrowing them.


 He watched her run out, the door slamming behind her.

She was a foolish woman, taking her father’s place. He was just an old man.

But she was young and beautiful. And very brave. Daring to stand up to him, to look directly at him, demanding her father’s release then offering to take his place.

He had tried to be civil, to act as his servants had suggested, in a “gentlemanlike” manner.

But it was not enough; he had warned her that the west wing was off limits; she chose to ignore the warning. Levitating only a few inches off the ground, the rose was a reminder of the foolish mistake of a boy and heartache of a man regretting the mistakes of his youth.

He had hoped if only for a moment, that this woman, Belle was sent to him by some twist of fate, to give him one final chance of redemption, before all hope of returning to his human form was lost forever.

But it was not to be, the main door slamming behind her slammed on his hopes. This was a dream, she was a dream. But she was meant for another man, a man who was not cursed with form of monster.

Then he heard the wolves. They were always sniffing at his gates, looking for their next meal.  And she would be it.

Foolish woman, leaving at this time of night. He could let her go, and leave her to her fate.

But he couldn’t, the rose petals were falling at an alarming rate. He made the decision to go after her, not know the outcome of his decision would alter the course of both their lives.

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