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S i m o n T o c c l o

As long as I can remember I have been creating and listening to music.Hip hop caught me early in life  with the rythm and socially critical lyrics. Later RnB came in with harmonies, swelling A minor chords and vibratos on  the lead vocals that spoke directly to my soul.Hip hop artist Common sang “I used to love her” a track about how he sometimes lost the love for  Hip Hop .Today Hip hop and RnB has fused together together dance and club music to a Hybrid but you have to dig very deep to  find an top 20 artist who isn´t repetedly broadcasting  how much grass is smoked, bling bling that is purchased et.c (U fill in the blanks) .As a music lover today it is very difficult to find music that isn´t  promoting a very mendacious and warped worldview .As proud father of two daughters, it was finally impossible…

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cancer killing recipe

Few days ago I was scrolling thorough “Acceptance” blogs and I found this quote: “Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation. It means understanding that something is what it is and there’s got to be a way thorough it.” – Michael J. Fox –
Thank you Michael! I needed that. I have to accept that my pain will PROBABLY never go away. You see – I’m very optimistic, I said PROBABLY… 🙂 . This means that I’m accepting only probability of IT….. 50 percent only. The other 50 percent I save for hope that this pain will go away. Some day… Soon… I’m going to keep searching for cure…
If you read my previous posts, you know that I have try a lot of different remedies for gout and I’m on anti gout Diet. But so far nothing really works. On the pain scale 1 to 10 it fluctuates between 5 and 7.

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The Times Are a Changing-Hollywood is Not

Bob Dylan once wrote that the times are changing.

While the times are constantly changing, Hollywood seems stuck in the film stone age.

A new film adaptation of the Exodus will be premiering in December. Exodus: Gods and Kings star Christian Bale as Moses and Joel Edgerton as Ramses.

Am I the only one who thinks Hollywood is still colorblind? Joel Edgerton and Christian Bale are good actors, but they are Caucasian. Personally, I don’t think it would have hurt to have a more diversified cast. Prince of Egypt, even though it was an animated film, the characters were not all Caucasian.

I think we can give some allowances for Cleopatra and The Ten Commandments.

But that was then and this is now. It’s time to expand Hollywood’s horizons and let us see more diverse actors on screen.

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