Madiha´s verse

S i m o n T o c c l o

As long as I can remember I have been creating and listening to music.Hip hop caught me early in life  with the rythm and socially critical lyrics. Later RnB came in with harmonies, swelling A minor chords and vibratos on  the lead vocals that spoke directly to my soul.Hip hop artist Common sang “I used to love her” a track about how he sometimes lost the love for  Hip Hop .Today Hip hop and RnB has fused together together dance and club music to a Hybrid but you have to dig very deep to  find an top 20 artist who isn´t repetedly broadcasting  how much grass is smoked, bling bling that is purchased et.c (U fill in the blanks) .As a music lover today it is very difficult to find music that isn´t  promoting a very mendacious and warped worldview .As proud father of two daughters, it was finally impossible…

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