Throwback Thursday- Mrs. Doubtfire

I was going to write about another movie on this Throwback Thursday post, but in light of loosing Robin Williams earlier this week, I decided to write about another one of my favorite childhood movies of mine, Mrs. Doubtfire.

Daniel Hillard (the late and very beloved Robin Williams) loves his kids. His wife, Miranda (Sally Field) becomes fed up with her husband’s lack of discipline and believes him to be a poor role model for their children. She asks for a divorce. Miranda has primary custody while Daniel can only see his kids once a week. Discovering that Miranda is looking for a housekeeper, Daniel becomes┬áMrs. Iphegenia Doubtfire, an older Scottish woman who becomes both housekeeper and nanny to the Hillard children.

I adored this movie when I was younger and I still do. Williams is at his best in this movie. The big heart, the father who loves his kids and will do anything for them (including dressing in drag and pretending to be their Scottish nanny) and the man who recognizes his mistakes and learns from them.

This movie is 21 years old, but it still feels new and fresh to me. I recommend this movie.

RIP Robin, thanks for making this incredible movie that will always stay with me.

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