Carrying The Banner….One Last Time

When Newsies premiered in movie theaters on October 10th, 1992, it was savaged by the critics.  But it was beloved the fans.

Two decades later, Disney took a chance on this seemingly forgotten live action movie musical and decided to give it another go.

The result was Newsies on Broadway, which closes tonight after 2 1/2 years on the great white way.

I was fortunate enough to see the original cast perform a few months after the show opened. It was still the Newsies I knew and loved, just that much better.

2 and a half years is a good run. As sad as I am see to see it go, I know that it will come back, as all Broadway shows do eventually. And I am happy for the fansies who were unable to come to New York, but are now able to see the show on tour.

#NewsiesForever #ForeverAFansie


P.S. A treat for my fellow fansies, Newsies Got Swag.


And If You’re Gone Tomorrow, What Was Ours Still Will Be…

#Newsiesforever #ForeverAFansie


Dear Newsies,

We’ve talked about this before. You have changed my life for the better. Newsies, you have given me hope in the dark times, and have carried the banner through the trials and tribulations of a few Tony Nominations, some early morning TV shows, and so much more.

Your short Papermill Playhouse production wasn’t enough for the Fansies, and the powers at be in Disney heard the cries of fans across the country begging for more. Like Joe Pulitzer, they caved, and we won! We got a measly little 12 week run on Broadway.

But that wasn’t enough. See, like Jack Kelly, you yearned for your Santa Fe…you wanted to be produced across the country and around the world. You wanted regional and high school productions, community theatre shows. But you knew that we still needed you on Broadway, and the cast wowed audiences from around the world. Suddenly…

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Earlier today, I received a response to the most recent post about Israel and Hamas.

This person asked if I was worried about the Palestinian children.

I am not entirely un-sympathetic to what is happening to the children living in Gaza. No child should have to live with the stress and tension that comes with living in a war zone. We should all have happy and thriving childhoods so we can become happy and thriving adults. But life is not always easy, sometimes we are born into difficult circumstances.

I entirely understand that the people living in the West Bank are caught in between and rock and a hard place. However, I have no sympathy for the adult who consents to storing rockets in their home, knowing full well that the IDF’s mission is to destroy the rockets, not the home or take the lives of those who live in the home. It is unfortunate that Hamas uses civilian spaces to store and launch rockets while encouraging those same civilians to stay on the property knowing that it is about to be destroyed and lives are about to be lost.

This person then advised that Hamas does warn Israel when and where they will strike. I would like to see proof of that.

One of the people I follow on twitter is a former lawyer and political commentator (@LionelMedia) often uses the following statement “Ted Baxter sock puppet media”. I deleted this person’s comments because they were sheep comments, following the cues of the Ted Baxter sock puppet media.

This is an issue with many shades of gray. I am happy to debate this issue, but to do so, I  need a thinking, intelligent person. Not just someone who retreads over the same rhetoric.

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