Too Late

Imagine if you will, that you are walking by a lake. For the hec of it, you throw a nearby stone in the lake and watch the ripples become larger and larger.

Hate and prejudice are the same way. The ripples become larger and larger and the hateful lies become truth, even when they aren’t.

Several years ago, Time Magazine reported that the IDF was using the organs of slain Palestinians. They have since retracted the story.

The problem is that some many consider it to be the truth, even when it is not the truth. The other problem is that whomever is responsible for fact checking stories before they are published did not their job properly, which adds to the lies and fuels the fire of hatred and murder.

It is too late for a retraction. The story is out there. It will only cause more bloodshed and destruction. I can only hope that the press will check the facts before deciding that piece ready to be published.

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