What Color Is Your Parachute Book Review

A career is a funny thing. You can have a job for years and suddenly you realize that you hate your job and you really want to do something else. The other scenario is that you finish college, walk across the stage to receive that degree that you spend years working toward and then realize that now you have to find a job.

Either way, your hit with what feels like a ton of bricks. It is scary and confusing and you feel totally lost.

There are an incredible amount of career advice books on the market. Everyone, whether employed or unemployed, if asked, will be throw career advice your way.

What Color Is Your Parachute  by Richard N Bolles was recommended to me by very wise relations who have more experience in the working world and it’s pitfalls than I do.

It is at first a very overwhelming book. Mr. Bolles provides advice on everything related to the job search. Granted, not every recommendation he makes is for everybody.  But it is a very thorough book. I highly recommend it, especially if you are a new college graduate and have absolutely no idea on what job you need or want.




My Masada

Masada Sunrise


We all have challenges in life, it’s how we face them that determines who we become.

I’ve been fortunate to to visit Masada twice. The first time, was my bat-mitzvah. The second time was with Birthright Israel. Going to Masada is par for the course in any Birthright trip.

There are two ways to get up to Masada. There is the cable car  that will take you up and down. Or if you are more adventurous, there is an opportunity to hike up to the top.

My group hiked up. We left our hotel before sunrise with nothing but coffee and a small danish in our stomachs. It is not an easy climb. But it is totally worth it. To see the sunrise against the desert is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

Up to that point, climbing Masada had been the biggest challenge of my life.  Masada has come to represent any challenge that needs to be overcome. There is no going down to the bottom and waiting for the cable car. There is only one option: continue to climb.

I will continue to climb, because I know that is the only thing I can do. I just don’t know when I will see the sunrise.

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