The Vindication of the Rights 0f Women Book Review

There are a lot of books about feminism. The Second Sex, The Feminine Mystique, etc, have become classics and must reads for women of all ages.

But there is only one that is great grandmother of them all. Mary Wollstonecraft’s 1792 manifesto, A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women.

What she asks for is so simple and so timeless. She is asking for education, the ability to earn a reasonable income. She is asking for respect, to not be looked down upon and talked about because she chooses to not be like every other woman.

One of her points, which sticks out to me is that if a woman’s only goal in life is marriage and children, how is she supposed to educate her children if she is uneducated?

That question was true in her time and ours.  There are many women in parts of the world where the ability to go to school and earn a living is denied to them. Even in many first world countries, where women have unparalleled access to education and have reached the pinnacle of their careers, there is still pressure to walk down the aisle and have a kid or two.

Do I recommend this book? Absolutely.


Scents and Sensibility (2011) Vs From Prada to Nada (2011)

2011 gave us two very different modern reboots of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Both very interesting movies, trying to put Sense and Sensibility in a different light.

Scents and Sensibility (2011)

Cast: Elinor Dashwood (Ashley Williams) and Marianne Dashwood (Marla Sokoloff)

  • Pro’s: It is very faithful to the novel, with the exception of a few modern changes.
  • Con’s: It screams Hallmark movie, which is fine if you enjoy that type of movie. It’s just a little bland for my taste.

From Prada to Nada (2011)

Cast: Nora Dominguez (Camille Belle) and Mary Dominguez (Alexa PenaVega)

  • Pro’s: This adaptation is very close to the book, again with some modern changes. I also like that there is an ethnic, multi-lingual flavor to this movie.
  • Con’s: None.

And the winner is…. From Prada to Nada. But that is my opinion. Maybe you prefer Scents and Sensibility.


Flashback Friday-TV Edition Part II- Popular

In the social hierarchy is that High School, there are often two different types of people. The popular kids and not so popular kids.

The 1999-2001 television series, Popular, asked the question, what if these two seemingly different groups were forced to live with each other?

Popular Brooke McQueen (Leslie Bibb) and unpopular Sam McPherson (Carly Pope) dislike each other intensely. But their single parents get married, Brooke, Sam and their friends must find a way to somewhat peacefully coexist.

It was a typical teen drama from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Was it Shakespeare? No. But it was cute and for what it was, it was enjoyable? Yes.

Do I recommend it? Why not, if only for old times sake.


Flashback Friday-Muppets Take Manhattan

There are some movies that are so much a part who we are as people, that the moment we sit down to watch it, we are taken back to that place and time.

One of these movies, for me at least is Muppets Take Manhattan, premiering in 1984. The Muppets have a musical in which they want to take to Broadway. But, as anyone who has tried to make it on the great white way will tell you, constant rejection is par for the course.

In addition to the cast of Muppet characters that we all know and love, this movie is filled with cameos. Linda Lavin, Joan Rivers, Liza Minnelli, Gregory Hines, Brooke Shields, etc.

How do I love this movie and recommend it? Let me count the ways…..


Flashback Friday-The Governess

Sometimes, in life, it is the challenges the define us.

In the 1998 movie, The Governess, Rosina da Silva (Minnie Driver) is the daughter of a privileged Sephardi  Jewish family. When her father dies, she takes a position as a governess in the home of Charles Cavendish (Tom Wilkinson).  Mr. Cavendish’s wife (Harriet Walter) takes little notice of her husband’s work.  Rosina, under the name of Mary Blackchurch, has an affair with her employer while his teenage son, Henry (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) also starts to look differently at his sister’s governess.

I enjoy this movie. It is quiet, simple British indie drama was a top notch cast and a story that draws the audience in.

Do I recommend this movie? Yes.

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