The Mysteries of Laura Review

Detective Laura Diamond (Debra Messing), the lead character in The Mysteries Of Laura is doing what many mothers do, a juggling act.

Her job is that of New York City Detective. Meanwhile she is trying to divorce her husband, Jake (Josh Lucas), but he has yet to sign the divorce papers. Laura and Jake have two very rowdy young sons who are adept at getting into trouble.

I watched the pilot last night. I didn’t know what to expect, but I enjoyed it. There is a lightness and a reality of being a working parent. The show also is not as heavy as it’s sister cop drama Law & Order, which is a nice change from many of the police room dramas that dominate the TV landscape.

So far so good. Onto episode 2.



Throwback Thursday-My Big Fat Greek Wedding

12 years ago, the movie going audience was introduced to Toula (Nia Vardalos), the lead character in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Toula is unmarried at the age of 30. Her large and traditional Greek family worry that something is wrong with her.

She has spent most of her adult life working in the family restaurant, feeling put upon by her loving but out there family. After going to school, she meets Ian (John Corbett). They fall in love quickly and he proposes. She accepts and takes him to meet her family. The only problem: He is not Greek and according to her family, that is initially unacceptable. After jumping through hoops, the wedding goes on, but not without a few hilarious hiccups.

I love this movie. What makes this film so good is that there are so many of us who feel like they can relate to Toula. Over a certain age and single, our traditional families are concerned about us, but do it in a way that is more cringe worthy than helpful. This film is memorable because it could take place in a specific cultural or religious group and still be universal.

I recommend it.


Inheriting The City Book Review

New York City has everyone from everywhere.  You can walk down the street, hear multiple languages and eat in restaurants of many different nationalities.

Inheriting The City: The Children Of Immigrants Come Of Age casts a very interesting light on the children of the most recent immigrants to make the Big Apple their home.  The subjects come from four very different ethnic groups: Chinese, Russian Jews, African-Americans who come from the West Indies and the Caribbean, and several subgroups within the Hispanic community (Puerto Rican, Dominican, etc).

It is a very academic book. Not completely dry, but not meant for a light beach read either.

Did I enjoy it? In a way I did. I come from immigrants, but my family has been in this country since the early 20th century. It was interesting to see the different views and lifestyles of these first generation Americans.

Do I recommend it? Sure, but only in an academic light.

Job Search

Those who have been following my blog for the last month or so know that I am looking for work.

I start a temp job tomorrow. It is what it is, but I am grateful for the opportunity.

I have noticed two things while on this job search.

The first is that there are an incredible amount of job and job search engines posted online. Some which are questionable.

The second is that some companies required the job hunter to jump through hoops just to apply. First there is the job search engine. Then there is the link to the company website, for which a user name and password must be created. Then the resume is uploaded, but the information from the resume has still be filled out or edited. And then finally, before the application is complete, there are questions about the applicants sex, race and whether or not they are disabled or a veteran.

I understand why the application process is the way it is, but it’s frustrating.

But at the end of the day, it has to be done. There is one only way to get a job and that is make a job of finding a job.



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