Such Good Girls Book Review

1.5 million Jewish children were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators during the Holocaust. Only 10% of the European Jewish children who were alive before World War II survived.

The adults who helped the children survive had to resort to desperate measures.

R.D. Rosen’s new non fiction book, Such Good GirlsĀ is about several of these children who shed their Jewish identities during the war and became Christian. After the war, they found themselves conflicted between their Jewish pasts and their Christian present. In 1991, these child survivors were brought together in New York and began to examine their pasts and understand the measures the adults took at the time to ensure the children’s survival.

I enjoyed this book. Every time I think I know everything about the Holocaust, I learn something new. What I saw in this book was the love of parents who saw the coming storm and did what they could to ensure that their children would survive. Even if that survival meant changing everything about their child and possibly giving their child up to others to raise. I can only imagine the emotional trauma of a child who has been told all of their life they are they are one thing and then they are told they are something else.

I recommend this book.




Back in May, when the media was making a huge deal about the Kanye West/Kim Kardashian wedding, I said that I would never write about that family in this blog again.

I am slightly taking that statement back.

Kim’s little sister 18 year old Kendall Jenner, whether we care or not, has become a model. Some within the modeling industry have called this girl fat.

I have two questions.

  • First, what message does this send to young girls who are healthy? It’s hard enough to be a young girl these days with all of these conflicting messages, then you are told by some Madison Ave or Hollywood exec that you have to be a size 2 to be happy and accomplished.
  • Secondly, what message does it send to people who are actually overweight to the point where they are suffering from Diabetes, Heart disease, etc? What kind of message are these people receiving when a news story like this appears?

In case these modeling executives have had their heads in the sand recently, the #1 song in the country is Megan Trainor’s All About The Base, a song that appreciates and encourages women to be happy with who they are, regardless of the size they wear.


Please Donate To A Worthy Cause

Breast Cancer has become all too common in the United States. It is the leading killer of women, after lung cancer.

Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All over the country, different organizations will be holding different events to bring awareness of the disease to the public and provide support to those who have or had breast cancer.

A very dear friend of mine will be participating in one of these events. Even if you live halfway across the world, you can still donate. Every dollar goes to the American Cancer Society and it’s goal of ensuring that we do not have to continue to bury our daughters, mothers, nieces or grandmothers due to breast cancer.

Please donate to this worthy and important cause.

Thank You.

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