This Makes Me Very Sad

Teaching, I believe is the noblest career one can choose, if one has the talent and the drive. Our teachers have as much influence on us as our parents do.

That does not mean that it is easy. Trying to hold the attention of young minds requires patience and skill. Our teachers (who are the true superstars), compared to performers and athletes, make very little money. They will often spend their own money to purchase supplies and spend hours before and after school preparing materials and lessons.

Jessica Vanessa used to work part time as a teacher. She quit teaching to twerk and is now making six figures.

Granted, she was working part time and she did not quit her teaching job just for sh*ts and giggles.

However, this woman, at the end of the day is just shaking her behind for a living and making far more money than she made as a teacher.

What does this say about our country when someone makes six figures twerking all day, but some of our teachers are barely able to make financial ends meet?

This makes me very sad.

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