Throwback Thursday-The Truth About Cats And Dogs (1996)

Most people, when they seen an attractive stranger, if they have the courage to go up to them, will introduce themselves and try to be honest.

But what if they weren’t and what would the consequences be of that lie?

That question was answered in the 1996 movie, The Truth About Cats And Dogs. Abby (Janeane Garofalo) is a veterinarian who hosts a talk radio show. She is short and brunette. Noelle (Uma Thurman) is a model. She is tall, blonde and thin.  Brian (Ben Chaplin) has recently added a dog to his home and calls Abby’s show to get some guidance. After calming the dog down, Brian, wants to thank Abby in person.

At that moment, Noelle is visiting the radio station and Abby convinces Noelle to pretend to be her while Abby takes on the name of Donna.  Feeling self conscious, Abby convinces Noelle to continue with the charade. But when it becomes complicated, Abby begins to rethink the charade that she and Noelle have been pulling on Brian.

This movie is really cute. I like the idea of having a leading lady like Abby, who not only looks like most American women, but reflects the uneasiness that they feel when they look in the mirror.  Uman Thurman as Noelle is just very funny and Ben Chaplin as Brian, I just feel sorry for him. He just wants Abby, but Abby is a mystery.

I recommend this movie.

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