Cafe Edison-A Bastion Of Food Independence In A Sea Of Corporate Menus

Times Square is full of bright lights and colorful characters.

The food landscape is dominated by the big chain restaurants- TGI Friday, Ruby Tuesdays, Olive Garden, etc.

And then there is Cafe Edison.

Cafe Edison is small,  nondescript diner on 47th Street. Connected to Hotel Edison, it sells basic diner food. Burgers, sandwiches, soup, etc. The menu does not vary from most diners across the country.

This tiny, nondescript diner is an institution. Playwrights Neil Simon and August Wilson are rumored to have worked on their plays at the diner. The clientele varies. On any given day, you will find an out of town tourist taking a break from their sight seeing, a local eating lunch before a Broadway matinee or even a Broadway performer stepping in for a cup of coffee before they have to be at the theater.

Sadly, this beloved restaurant is closing. The corporatization of New York City strikes again.

I have been in this diner any number of times and I am quite sad to see it go. While another restaurant may take it’s place, there is and will always only be one Cafe Edison.


The Theory Of Everything Movie Review

Stephen Hawking lived through extraordinary circumstances. In the early 1960’s, he was a young Phd candidate studying at Oxford University with a bright future. Diagnosed with ALS in his early 20’s, he was given 2 years to live. Instead he wrote several books on physics and became famous for his research.

The Theory Of Everything follows Stephen Hawking’s (Eddie Redmayne) life from his years at Oxford before the diagnosis. The film follows Stephen and his then wife Jane (Felicity Jones) through his years of struggling with the disease and then ends with his success as respected and world renowned physicist.

This movie is fantastic. If I were a betting woman, would bet that this movie is a surefire nominee come awards season. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones have fantastic chemistry. Redmayne is completely believable as Hawking.  His mannerisms, the way he contorts his body is breathtaking. Jones as Stephen’s loving, but overworked wife is subtle, nuanced and powerful on screen.

I absolutely recommend this movie, especially to those of us who are down on our luck. Stephen Hawking proves that any obstacle can be overcome with heart, humor and most of all, hope.

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