Pearl Harbor

Today is the 73rd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor is the greatest generation’s 9/11.

Before Pearl Harbor, many Americans wanted to stay out of World War II. They were still recovering from World War I, the last thing they wanted to get involved in another overseas war.

I wonder what our grandchildren and great grandchildren will say about 9/11. Will they solemnly remember 9/11 as we do now or will it be just another day to them?

I wonder sometimes about history. I sometimes remember what I was taught about the ancient Greeks and Romans when I was in school. Today, we see stone monuments from the ancient world with images and writing that has been partially or totally obscured by man and nature.

Will the Pearl Harbor or 9/11 memorials exist in 100o 0r 2000 years? What will our descendants think of us and our monuments to the dead?

I remember Pearl Harbor, do you?





Author: Writergurlny

I am Brooklyn, NY born and raised writer who needs writing to find sanity in an insane world. To quote Charlotte Bronte: “I'm just going to write because I cannot help it.”

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