Flashback Friday-Happy Chanukah-Eight Crazy Nights (2002) and The Hebrew Hammer (2003)

Adam Sandler, in his Adam Sandler way, announced Hanukkah with the following lyric: Put on your yarmulke/here comes Hanukkah.

While the list of Christmas movies seems to go on forever, the list of Hanukkah movies is sadly very short.

In Eight Crazy Nights (2002) Davey Stone (Adam Sandler) is an alcoholic with a criminal record. He is given the chance to reform his life while under the supervision of an elderly basketball referee, Whitey and his sister Eleanore (both voiced by Adam Sandler).

There is a message in this movie, but not in a schmaltzy way. It’s also edges toward PG13, which is nice change from the typical holiday movie.

In The Hebrew Hammer (2003), Mordechai Jefferson Carver (Adam Goldberg) is an Orthodox Jewish blaxploitation hero. When Santa Claus’s son Damian (Andy Dick) plots to steal Hanukkah, it’s up to Mordechai to rescue the holiday.

This movie is incredibly funny. While satirizing the blaxploitation movies that were part of the 1970’s cinema, the movie also subtlety hints at the idea that many Jews are often drawn to lure and popularity of Christmas.

Do I recommend them? Why not.

And if your wondering, Hanukkah this year is the 17th-24th. Happy Hannukah!

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