No Surprise There

In recent world news, a top European Union court has taken Hamas off the terrorist list.

As much as I love the romance and beauty of Europe, they’ve showed some really ugly and stupid sides lately.

Like taking off the terrorist list an organization who does not hide the fact that they have no problem with the destruction of Israel and her people. In fact, they are more than able and willing to do so.

What these fools fail to realize is that Israel, in taking the brunt of the terrorism, is saving the rest of the world from what has become commonplace to Israelis.  What they also fail to realize is that Israel is small potatoes to the Hamas and their ilk. If they could have their way and annihilate Israel, then the rest of the world is open for the taking.

Am I surprised? Not one bit. Especially that 70 years ago, many Europeans turned a blind eye to the death and destruction that was being rained on their Jewish neighbors.

What goes around comes around and what comes around, may end up biting them in the behind.

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