The sound of the organ was heard as the bride walked up the aisle. She walked alone, shunning a traditional male arm to hold onto. She was considered to by several guests to be eccentric, an odd choice of a bride. But they knew the power of the groom’s family. They also knew it was wise to keep their opinions to themselves.

Upon reaching the groom, the bride took his arm as the judge began. Instead of a church wedding, the bride has insisted on a civil ceremony. The groom, against the wishes of his family, acquiesced to his bride’s wishes.

Then the commotion started.

The men came out of nowhere, pointing their guns at the guests, warning them to stay in their seats.

“You, come with us” the leader pushed the groom away, pulling on the bride’s arm.

“I will not”.

“If you don’t come with us, we will kill everyone in this room, starting with him” the leader pointed his gun at the groom.

Nodding silently, the bride allowed herself to be escorted away.

“I will find you” the groom called out as the van drove away.

“How was that?” the leader asked.

“Perfect” the bride replied, casting aside her veil. Now the fun would really begin.


Pegasus Book Review

Sometimes the most dramatic thing that can happen to us is life.

Danielle Steel’s 2014 novel, Pegasus is about how dramatic life can be. Alex von Hemmerle and Nicolas von Bingen  have been friends since they were boys. Both are the only sons and heirs to ancient German noble families. Having lost their wives years before, they are raising their children alone. Alex has a teenage daughter, Nick has two sons.  They live in quiet Bavaria, hoping to lead the lives their ancestors lived. But it is 1938 and war is in the air.

Nick was raised by his father, his mother has been a mystery to him. Then he hears devastating news. The mysterious mother whom he has never met is half Jewish. That means that according to the government, Nick and his sons are Jewish and subject to the same laws and harassment that other Jews are experiencing.  They leave must leave Germany immediately, otherwise be forced to live as Jews under Nazi Germany.  Alex gives his friend several of his horses so he can make a living as a circus performer in America. While Nick and his sons adjust to a new life in America, Alex is forced to deal with life under Nazi rule and the agonizing choice of loosing what is left of his family and his heritage.

I don’t normally read Danielle Steel books, but I picked it up at the library and it sounded interesting. This book ripped my beating heart from my body and did not return it until the final page. I was gripped by the story and and the characters.  What I liked best about the book is that Ms. Steel provided an ending for the characters that felt appropriate. While closing the the book on the characters she introduced us to earlier in the book, she tells us where Alex and Nick’s families are going in the future.

I absolutely recommend this book.

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