Disenchanted Review

There is something about fairy tales that seem to last. No matter how old we get, fairy tales are an ever present part of our lives.

Disenchanted is a off Broadway musical comedy about fairy tale princesses. But it is not what anyone would expect.

Disenchanted is an extremely funny satirical protest of the images of women that have been presented and shared across the generations. From the bland and predictable images of princesses to the “ideal” physique that Hollywood and Madison Avenue has pushed on American women, this musical is a huge f*ck you to all of that.

It is one funniest, freshest musicals that I have seen in a long time.

The show has a limited run. The final performance is January 25th.  I highly recommend this show, especially if you are a female. It will get you laughing and thinking at the same time.



Social Media And The Working World

For better or for worse (depending on how you see the world) the internet and social media have forever changed our world.

That includes how hiring managers go about choosing whom to reach out to for a job interview.

According to the survey, a majority of hiring managers use social media as one of several criteria to determine if a certain candidate will be contacted for an interview.

As I stated in a post a while back, I believed that a candidate’s social media profile should not be a factor in determining if he or she is going to be contacted to schedule an interview. This comes with two caveats:

  1. That any grief or issues that one has with a current or former employer is not shared on social media.
  2. That when job searching, one’s social media has the highest security settings possible.

I understand the reason that a hiring manager may use social media, but for the most part, I disagree with the idea. When a hiring manager is making a decision on who to extend a job offer to, one’s resume and interview should be all that is needed to make the final decision.

What I do on my time, on my equipment is my business. What I do at work on my company’s equipment is their business.  As long as  I come in on time and do the job I was hired to do, that is what should matter. What should not matter is the content of my Facebook or twitter accounts.


Offensive? Maybe. Crude? Possibly. Worth Killing Over? No.

These are the some images from Charlie Hebdo magazine. Last week’s murders was not the first time that the magazine and it’s staff were attacked.

It’s satire. Satire is supposed to be funny and make us think.

Are they offensive? Depending on your point of view, they could be offensive. Are they crude? Again, they could be, depending in your point of view.  But they are not worth killing another human being over.


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