Throwback Thursday-Back To The Future (1985)

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have long memorized the story of how my parents met and took those first steps toward being a couple.

In Back To The Future (1985), Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) has been sent back in time to 1955 by Dr Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd). His mission is to make sure that this then high school age parents, Lorraine (Lea Thompson) and George (Crispin Glover) get together, otherwise he and his siblings will be erased from existence. Problems arise when his future mother develops a crush on him and his future father is too timid to stand up to the local teenage bully, Biff Tannen (Thomas F Wilson).

Back To The Future is 30 years old, but it is as fresh and entertaining as it was during it’s initial run in the movie theaters. One of my favorite things about this movie is watching Marty discover his parents, not as his parents, but as teenagers. It’s a little disconcerting watching Lorraine have a crush on a boy who the audience knows is her son. But it is a movie, so suspending reality is not such a hard thing to do.

And the DeLorean is the absolute coolest movie car ever.

I recommend it.


Dear Tourists

Dear Tourists, Welcome to New York City!

Before you take your cameras out with the enormous lenses and your oh-so-handy MTA maps, I would like to provide some advice. New York City is not Disneyland. Millions of us live and work here every day. For your enjoyment and my sanity, here are my tips for your very first New York City vacation.

1. If you are unsure about where you are going, do not stop in the middle of the street, because you will certainly be obstructing traffic. Please stand away from the center of the sidewalk if you need to consult a map.
2. The same goes if you are trying to take a picture. I’m sure that the picture you’re planning on taking will be beautiful, but if you’re standing in the middle of the street taking pictures while I’m trying to get back to my desk with only a few precious minutes left before my lunch hour ends, don’t be surprised if you get elbowed, cursed at or jostled by angry and fuming New Yorkers.
3. Save the pictures of the cartoon characters and the superheroes for your next visit to the amusement park. It’s true that life-sized Disney and Marvel characters can be found at Times Square, but do you really want to spend your extra change to pay these costumed human beings to take a photo with you in the most crowded part of the city?
4. If you must take a taxi, take only the yellow or green cabs. Take the independent black town cars only if you have to, because they aren’t heavily regulated. And if you are approached by a pedi cab driver, run, don’t walk to the nearest subway station. Your likely to get to your destination faster and for much less money.

5. If you see a celebrity on the street, you can politely greet them but don’t be a part of the paparazzi. There’s no sign of a tourist more than the sight of a gawking fan with a huge camera.
6. Consider leaving Manhattan during your trip! There is plenty to see and do in the outer boroughs. The views of Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade are beautiful.
7. Eat someplace else besides the chain restaurants. There is nothing wrong with TGI Fridays, Olive Garden, etc., but did you really come all this way just to eat at the same restaurants that you can find at home?
8. Hawkers will hound you to sell various walking or bus tours. It’s better to pick two or three tours beforehand and stick to them.

You’re eventually going to need to take the subway. Taking a taxi throughout the city gets expensive very quickly. You can drive if you want to, but traffic is a nightmare and parking can be overpriced. These are my tips so you can enjoy your first subway ride peacefully.

1. If you don’t want to be spotted as a tourist, download one of the many apps that are available from the iTunes and  Android app stores that will help navigate you throughout New York City.
2. During rush hour, it is advisable that if you are unsure about where you need to go, that you stand far away from the turnstiles and the stairs at the train stations. Rush hour on the subway in New York City is like a stampede scene in the Lion King.

3. You are paying one (1) fare. That means you are paying for one (1) seat. You are not paying for your bags to have their own seat. Just put them on the floor or on your lap.
4. Gentlemen, and not to forget, ladies — close your legs and don’t manspread. Manspreading is at best a pain and at worst a huge headache for passengers around you, especially on a crowded train.
5. There are many places in NYC that are suitable for children to play in, but the subway car is not one of them. Please keep your kids safely nestled on their seats.

And finally:


Thank you and enjoy your trip.

Throwback Thursday-Forrest Gump (1994)

Tom Hanks is one of those actors. He has a Jimmy Stewart/Henry Fonda aww shucks all American image and has played a variety of characters over the years.  One of his most famous and award winning roles was in the 1994 movie, Forrest Gump.

Intellectually, Forrest Gump is not the brightest bulb in the box. But, he has a good heart and good intentions. Always following the advice of his mother (Sally Field), Forrest lives through and experiences some of the most tumultuous events of the second half of the 2oth century. But in the end, he can only think of Jenny (Robin Wright), his childhood sweetheart, who goes through her own tumultuous journey.

This movie deserved any and all praise that it received. It is a story of hope over adversity, believing in yourself and being positive, even in the worst circumstances.

And can forget a movie that not only has two unforgettable lines (run, Forrest, run and life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get), but also was the inspiration for a seafood restaurant?

I recommend it.

Throwback Thursday- Cry-baby (1990)

The meet cute of a future couple in a film or television show can be predictable. Thankfully, in the 1990 movie Cry-Baby, the meet cute is not predictable.

Allison Vernon Williams (Amy Locane) is a square (a good girl) who desperately wants to be bad. She falls for Cry-Baby (Johnny Depp), the leader of the Drapes, who are the local greasers. But her grandmother, Mrs. Vernon Williams (Polly Bergen) and her boyfriend Baldwin (Stephen Mailer) will do anything to prevent Allison from going Drape.

Written and directed by John Waters, this movie is a very funny and darker version of Grease. It also comments on the divide in the 1950’s between those who conformed to the ideals of the era and those who chose to follow their own path.

I recommend it.

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