Downton Abbey Series 5 Episode 4 Recap: One Marriage Proposal, Goodbye Miss Bunting (Hopefully) And Mrs. Patmore Pleads For Her Family

As usual,  this recap contains spoilers from the most recent episode. Read at your own risk if you have not seen it.


Lord Merton’s marriage proposal to Isobel is heartfelt. I’m not an expert in the field of romance by any stretch of the imagination, but I believe that he genuinely cares for and loves Isobel. Another reason that I like him as a character is that instead of expecting an answer right away, he will give her some time to decide. I hope she says yes. It would be rather interesting to see Isobel become Lady Merton and have a higher status in society than her odd couple bestie, Violet.

Edith has gone slightly stalker-ish on the Drewe’s and Marigold. I wouldn’t want to be in Mr. Drewe’s shoes, torn between his family and knowing that Edith is Marigold’s natural mother. She also finds out that Michael has gotten a fight with men in brown shirts in Munich. Robert refers to them at thugs. Thugs is a polite word for what these men really are and will become.

Miss Bunting is again invited to dine with the Crawleys. Once again, she opens her mouth and inserts her foot. This time, Robert looses his cool and demands that she leave and never darken their door again.  Tom looked like he wanted to crawl into himself and disappear. While I wish this would be the last episode that we see Miss Bunting, I doubt my wish will be granted. It’s only the 4th episode.

Violet and Isobel visit Prince Kuragin. We learn that the Prince has not seen his wife for a long time and Violet, despite admitting that she nearly abandoned her husband and her children for him, wants to help the prince locate his wife. One of my favorite things about Violet is that under that sharp tongue and shrewd brain, beats a warm and loving heart. For me, Violet is one of the central reasons why I watch Downton Abbey.

Shrimpie (Peter Egan) is back from India. He admits to his daughter and the family that he and his wife are divorcing. Rose extracts a promise from her father to let her marry for love instead of convenience, while Susan (Rose’s mother) accuses her family via letter of taking sides. Divorce is never fun.

Mr. Bricker continues with his foolish infatuation with Cora. Only it has become waaaaay more obvious that he is more into the lady of the house than the art. If I was Robert, I would be quick to show my wife how much I appreciated her.

And finally, the post coital bliss of Tony and Mary is over. While in London for a fashion show, Mary runs into Charles Blake and Mabel Lane Fox, who coolly asses her rival before dashing off to dinner. Mary and Charles then go to dinner. The next day, Mary dispatches Anna to bring a letter to Tony’s London residence. Meeting Mary in the park, Tony’s reaction to being dumped is completely unexpected. This man is not going down without a fight.


Mrs. Patmore is still heartbroken (as anyone would be) that her nephew’s name will not be inscribed on the town war memorial. Going to Lord Grantham, she pleads with him. He agrees with her, but it looks as if Archie’s name will not be on the list.

Sometimes when you wish for something to happen and it actually happens, the image you have in your heard is not the reality. Mr. Molesley is now the only footman and must take on the responsibilities of what was two or three footmen.

Daisy’s education is moving so quickly that she is starting to develop ideas about her future that could mean not spending the rest of her days in Downton. I say good for her.

Thomas’s trip last episode to visit his “ailing father” resulted in him coming back not looking so hot. Miss Baxter finds him in his room with a bunch of syringes.  I can guess where his story line is going to go for the rest of the season.

And finally, downstairs, the police continue to swirl around Anna and Bates.  When Anna goes to Lord Gillingham’s to post the letter, there a man having his shoes shined and watching with odd intent in her direction. Duh duh duh………..


The show is finally getting good. The plots are getting better and better and I am become more and more hooked (as if I wasn’t already).

Dowager Moment Of The Week

I have two. The first is in the beginning of the episode when she gave Edith the stink-eye. The second is when she asked Shrimpie to find out what happened to the princess.  Best character on the show.


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