Flashback Friday-One Movie Begats Another- The Mummy (1999) & The Scorpion King (2002)

Hollywood has a dirty little secret. When one movie is successful or one genre becomes the genre of the moment, the good people in Hollywood will continue until that movie or that genre has hopefully run it’s course.

In 1999, Hollywood brought back the monster/action genre with The Mummy. Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) is an English librarian who has become interested in the ancient Egyptian city of  Hamunaptra. Rick O’ Connell (Brendan Fraser) is saved by Evelyn from death. Rick joins Evelyn and her brother, Jonathan (John Hannah) at an archeological dig, but they are not alone in following the results of the dig. Another group is interesting in the results and resurrecting the mummy of a high priest who has the power to unleash a powerful curse.

This movie harkens back to the 1930’s and the era of the black and white monster movies of the era. While it is escapist entertainment at it’s best, I can’t help but think that Evelyn is just a little too much of the damsel in distress for my taste.

Three years later, after a sequel to the Mummy was released, a sort of prequel entered movie theaters. The Scorpion King, an off shoot of a character that was seen briefly in The Mummy Returns was presented to audiences. Mathayus (Dwayne “The Rock Johnson) is a desert warrior hired to assassinate Cassandra (Kelly Hu) the sorceress who evil King Memnon (Steven Brand) is using to predict the outcomes of battle. What seems like an easy capture will become much more than the hero can imagine.

Again, this movie, at best, is escapist entertainment. While it’s not completely intellectually stimulating, it’s fun ride and an enjoyable film.

I recommend them both.


Flashback Friday- Dick Tracy (1990)

Dick Tracy made his world debut in 1931 as a comic strip detective. In 1990, the comic strip was made into a movie with Warren Beatty in the title role.

At the start of the movie, Dick Tracy has a simple life. He has his career and his longtime girlfriend, Tess Trueheart (Glenne Headly). Then the kid (Charlie Korsmo) and Breathless Mahoney (Madonna) enter his life. Complicating the story is Big Boy Caprice (Al Pacino), his long time nemesis who starts to make trouble in town.

Part classic noir, part comic book, this movie is colorful. Is it the best movie ever written? No. But it is escapism entertainment and isn’t that what we sometimes want in a movie?

I recommend it.

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