I Have A Dream

I have a dream that I am sitting on a beach, my toes curling in the warm sand.

The weather is a comfortable 85 degrees, with only a light breeze caressing my bare legs.

In my hands is my favorite book, at my feet is a cold drink. My sandals rest next to my beach chair.

The ocean comes and goes in front of me.

It is, in short, the perfect day.

And then I wake up.

It is a cold, dark March weekday morning. The alarm bleeps that it is 5:00 in the morning, time to wake up.

The temperature is barely above freezing.

Snow that fell two weeks ago is still frozen solid on the ground. My snow boots sit near my door, waiting to be put on for the umpteenth time since New Years Eve.

My bed beckons me back to it’s warm, loving arms.

But I know that I must get up.

Spring cannot come soon enough.

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