The Critics Were Wrong (Maybe)-Dracula-Dead And Loving It (1995)

Hollywood and science have a lot in common. When an experiment or a movie is a success, they repeat the formula and hope that the success will be repeated.  Sometimes, the experiment or movie is not as successful as it is hoped to be.

Mel Brooks has developed a reputation over the years to have a unique comedic sense. Not quite politically correct, but insightful, satirical and for the most part, entertaining.

His success in satirizing classics such as Frankenstein (Young Frankenstein, 1974) and Robin Hood (Robin Hood: Men In Tights, 1993) did not extend with the same success to Dracula-Dead And Loving It (1995).

When Dracula (Leslie Nielsen) starts to terrorize London, Harker (Steven Weber) must work with Dr. Seward (Harvery Korman) and Professor Van Helsing (Mel Brooks) to kill the vampire and save his fiance, Mina (Amy Yasbeck).

Were the critics wrong? I hate to say it, but no, they were right.  As much as I adore Mel Brooks as a comedian and a filmmaker, this movie is just not good.

Do I recommend it? No.


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