What Year Are We In?

Rachel Beyda is a sophomore at U.C.L.A., majoring in economics. Her professional goal is to become a lawyer.

To get the ball rolling on her future career, she presented herself as a candidate to join the student judiciary board.

Ms. Beyda is of the Jewish faith and is active in the Jewish community.

The questions leveled at her were not to confirm if she would remain an impartial and fair judge, they were to confirm if her faith would create a conflict with the cases she might judge if she were chosen.

Excuse me? Did I hear that? What year are we in? Are we in Germany in the 1930’s or in the United States Of America in 2015? What does her faith have to do with her ability to be a responsible  and impartial member of the student judiciary board?

If Ms. Beyda were of any other ethnicity or her skin was a different color, these questions would have never been asked. Or had they been asked, the students who asked these questions would have felt the repercussions immediately.

Instead the administration chose to pretend that it did not happen. That is, until the press got wind of the story. The apology from the students  and the statement from the university chancellor seem half hearted and forced to me.

Today’s college students are our future leaders. With future leaders such as these, I am afraid for country and our future.


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