Flashback Friday-Night At The Roxbury (1998)

Saturday Night Live has brought television viewers a variety of memorable sketches and characters. A few of them have made the leap from the small screen to the big screen.

In 1998, Night At the Roxbury was released.

Steve and Doug Butabi (Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan) have one dream: to own to coolest dance club. Or at least if they cannot own one, get into the Roxbury, the coolest club in town.  Their father, Kamehl (Dan Hedaya) would prefer that his sons have normal jobs and live normal lives.  Will Steve and Doug achieve their goal or will they be forced into the normal daily grind with the rest of humanity?

The idea of these two clueless guys within the context of a four or five minute sketch was very funny at the time. But stretched into a full length movie required some imagination on the part of the screenwriter. That imagination was not the best. But sometimes, we need a dumb, but funny movie to take us away from our troubles for a short period of time. And this movie definitely makes me laugh.

I recommend it.


That’s Rich

In today’s news, the United Nations has once more proved how useless it has become.

The United Nations Commission On The Status Of Women accuses Israel of denying Palestinian women their rights.

That’s rich.

The areas that the Palestinians have claimed for their own (if claimed can be the right word) are ruled by a fundamentalist government who do not believe in democracy. In a fundamentalist society, women are second class citizens. They have no  rights.

Israel is a democratic  government. We all saw the  headlines earlier this week about Benjamin Netanyahu being re-elected. There is no law, either on or off the books that states what a woman can or cannot do. Golda Meir, a woman was Prime Minister from 1969-1974.

So please tell me how a democratic government where a woman was in charge can be accused of being anti-women. Unless, that is, the accusations are coming from the same neighbors who spread hate and lies and make no bones about wanting to destroy Israel.



Say It Ain’t So…

If the rumors are true, Downton Abbey’s final season with be it’s sixth.

Nothing lasts forever, especially on television. The truth is that good television shows end when the audience is still yearning for more.

There will be other television shows, but none like Downton Abbey.

Flashback Friday-Armageddon (1998)

The end of the world is always an interesting prospect for a story.

In Armageddon (1998), the world is going to end via a asteroid strike on earth. A team of deep core drillers is commissioned by NASA to break up the asteroid before it kills millions.

After an asteroid destroys a shuttle and hits New York City, NASA discovered that another asteroid, as big as Texas is hurling toward Earth. They have 18 days before it hits the atmosphere. The solution comes in the form of Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis), an expert in deep core drilling. He bring together a team of expert, but ne’er do well deep core drillers and geologists. Their mission is to implant a nuclear device on the asteroid before it arrives on Earth. While preparing for his mission, Harry is slowly warming up to the idea that his daughter, Grace (Liv Tyler) is not a little girl anymore. She is seriously dating A.J. Frost (Ben Affleck), a member of his team.

While the plot of the movie runs a bit thin at times, it is an engaging, entertaining movie. Add in an iconic theme song by Aerosmith and you’ve got a nice diversion from the realities of our lives.

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