Judith Scott-Bound And Unbound

Art, in it’s purest form, is a form of expression. While some artists have trouble communicating in their daily lives, their work speaks volumes.

Judith Scott did not have happy childhood. She was one half of a set of fraternal twin girls. While her sister Joyce was born healthy, Judith was born deaf, mute and with down syndrome. Her parents institutionalized her at an early age. In 1987, Judith joined the Creative Arts Center. There, she began a new life as an artist. Her art combines yarn, pieces of wood and other materials to expose the true person within.

An exhibit of her art will be at the Brooklyn Museum up until tomorrow. What is fascinating to me is that her art is full of color. It is vibrant, alive, sometimes dark, but fascinating.  It is unconventional, but extremely powerful. Her art is a symbol of her feelings as not just a woman of her generation, but a disabled woman for whom life was that much more difficult for.

I highly recommend this exhibit.


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Filed under Feminism, New York City

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