Flashback Friday- I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

There is nothing that we would not do for our friends. Even if that includes pretending to be a same sex couple so that that friend can receive domestic partner benefits.

In 2007’s I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Chuck (Adam Sandler) and Larry (Kevin James) are friends and colleagues in the same firehouse. Larry, who has recently lost his wife, is concerned about what will happen if he is killed on the job. But he does not want to forfeit his pension. Chuck offers Larry a way out of his dilemma. On paper, they will pretend to be a homosexual couple (even though both are straight and Chuck is known to be a womanizer), for the sake of Larry’s children. Now they prove to everyone that they are a gay couple happy in love. And that’s only the tip of iceberg.

I genuinely enjoy this movie. While Adam Sandler has not quite outgrown his man/boy act, Chuck is decent human being and a good friend to Larry in his time of need. What I also like is that it highlights the issue of the fight for equality that the LGBTQ community faces in a way that does not hit the audience over the head with.

I recommend it.

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