Happy Rex Manning Day

Twenty years ago, a little movie with mostly unknowns was released. It was Empire Records. It is the story of a mom and pop record store that is trying to stay open amongst the competition of the bigĀ  box music stores.

Flash forward to today, the fate of this fictional record store would have probably been the same as their real life counterparts. It seems that these days, there are less and less independently owned stores and more big box stores.

I will admit that I do shop at these stores. I do go into Target and K-mart when I need to. I have ordered music from Itunes and books from Amazon.

There was something about going into an independently owned niche store. Whether it was a record store or a book store, it was a magical experience. But times do change and businesses must change with the times. Even if that means changing the way we buy.

Happy Rex Manning Day!


Flashback Friday-Groundhog Day (1993)

Every moment is unique. It cannot be replicated and even if we wish we could do something different in that moment, we know that we cannot go back.

But what happens when we get the chance to do something different in that moment?

That is the premise of the 1993 movie, Groundhog Day.

Phil (Bill Murray) is a weatherman. For the last four years, he has reported on whether or not the local groundhog will see it’s shadow. This event is the bane of his professional life. Phil makes it clear that he is an unwilling participant in the event. He wakes up one day to realize that he is reliving Groundhog Day every day. At first, Phil uses it to his advantage, but he will soon realize that he is stuck reliving the same day forever.

I have not seen this movie in years, but I remember that it was incredibly funny. Bill Murray’s Phil is snarky, sarcastic and a bit of smart ass.

I recommend it.

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