Throwback Thursday-Gargoyles (1994-1996)

Do you ever walk by a stone gargoyle and wonder if it is just that? Or is there something more to them?

The animated program Gargoyles aired from 1994-1996.

According to Scottish lore, Gargoyles were beings whose job was to protect the human population. They were stone by day and alive by night. In 1094, an uneasy alliance led to the destruction of most of the gargoyles.  It was foretold that the survivors would sleep for a thousand years and awake when the castle would rise above the clouds.  In 1994, billionaire David Xanatos (voiced by Jonathan Frankes) transfers the castle from Scotland to New York City. As it was foretold, the Gargoyles wake up to find themselves in a world not their own.

I enjoyed this program. The mix of myth, magic, the modern world and being a stranger in a strange land made for compelling drama.

I recommend it.


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