An Eye For An Eye Leaves The Whole World Blind

An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind.-Gandhi

It’s no secret that a devastating earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday. The death toll is rising, the latest figures are around 4000 and counting.

While the people and the government of Nepal must clear away the rubble, bury their dead and rebuild their lives, a riot is happening in Baltimore.  White police officers were accused of killing Freddie Gray, an  African-American man.  Just after Mr. Gray was buried, riots erupted all over the city. Looting, burning and destruction have put Baltimore in the spotlight, just as Ferguson, Missouri and New York City were put in the spotlight for similar cases last year.

While I am not walking in the shoes of Mr. Gray’s loved ones and I hope that I never have to, I truly believe that a violent reaction is like pouring salt on a wound. It only compounds the issues instead of helping those affected to heal.  The reality of living in the United States today is that we do not have the post racial equality that some believe we do. We are certainly better off than we were, but we are not completely free from the chains of bias and prejudice.

While I feel for young Mr. Gray’s family and I pray for them, the reality is that the people of Nepal need our attention. It will take billions of dollars and years to rebuild their country and their lives.  That should be our focus, but unfortunately, our attention has been pulled away to some who will use any excuse to destroy and steal.

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. A blind world cannot see, cannot heal and cannot move forward.





Bruce Jenner Interview

I know that I’ve stated in past posts that there is one family whom will never be mentioned again this blog, but they seem to pop up more than I care to admit.

This time, their overexposure might actually do some good.

This past Friday, Diane Sawyer interviewed Bruce Jenner, the patriarch of this non talented, famous for being famous family came out as transgender.

While I could care less what the rest of his family says or does, I applaud him. It takes guts to be yourself, it takes even more guts when you are in the public eye.

I was in high school when the Ellen Degeneres came out, on and off screen.

It was an earth shattering moment. Not just for the entertainment industry, but for the entire world.

Sometimes it only takes one person to make a huge difference.

Ellen’s public coming out, as personal as I imagine that it was for her, opened the door to a better world.

Bruce’s public coming out, as personal as I imagine his struggles to be, have opened the door even further to a better world.


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