The Age Of Adaline Movie Review

At first thought, the gift of immortality seems like a dream. But like anything in life, there are drawbacks.

In The Age Of Adaline, Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) is immortal for 78 years. Just after a freak car accident, Adaline becomes immortal. Afraid of being discovered and used for science experiments, Adaline isolates herself emotionally from the world. As the years progress, she takes on different identities with only her daughter, Flemming (Ellen Burstyn) knowing her mother’s secret.

When Adaline meets Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman), she decides to take a chance on him. Then she meets Ellis’s father, William (Harrison Ford). William might be the one who will spill Adaline’s secret. The question is, will she open up to Ellis and take a chance or will she run as she has before?

This movie is one of the best movies that of the year so far. Lively’s nuanced, complex portrayal of a woman running from her past, but willing to take a chance  on her future is incredible. The plot is easy to follow, but with enough complications to hook the audience in completely.

I absolutely recommend this movie.



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2 responses to “The Age Of Adaline Movie Review

  1. Eden

    A well made movie with a good story. It has wonderful moments of humor, sadness, and touching moments that make a movie memorable. Loved it and recommend it.

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