The American Ghost Book Review

Family history can sometimes be very interesting. Hannah Nordhaus has a very interesting story to tell.

Hannah’s great-great-grandmother was Julia Staab. While Julia’s physical remains were interred in the earth many years ago, some have reported seeing her spirit at La Posada, the hotel that Julia once called home.

In her new book,  American Ghost: A Family’s Haunted Past in the Desert Southwest, Ms. Nordhaus documents not just her search for Julia’s spirit, but also the family history before, during and after Julia’s life.   She starts the book with Julia’s husband, Abraham. Leaving Germany as a young man, he earns his living in the New Mexico. Returning to his country of birth, Abraham meets and marries his wife, Julia Staab (nee Schuster).  But their marriage is not all wine and roses.

Like many women of her era, Julia will have multiple children, back to back. While Abraham was able to grow his business to the point of providing his wife and children with a financially and materially comfortable life, he rules his family with an iron fist.  Traveling between New Mexico and Germany, Ms. Nordhaus takes the reader on a fantastic journey.

This book was highly recommended and rightly so. There are many writers, when switching between the past and present will loose the reader. Ms. Nordhaus is not one of these authors. This book is entertaining, gripping and if the reader is a history buff, it is an interesting way to learn about the late 19th century.

I recommend it.

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