Throwback Thursday- Young Victoria (2009)

On the surface, the role of Queen seems easy. But the reality of being Queen is extremely complicated and not the fairy tale like fantasy that many think it is.

In Young Victoria (2009), Victoria (Emily Blunt) is the daughter of the Duke and Duchess Of Kent. Her late father was the youngest of four boys. Victoria is the only living legitimate child of any of the four brothers. This makes her next in line to be Queen Of England. Her mother, the Duchess Of Kent (Miranda Richardson) and her consort Sir John Conroy (Mark Strong) try to use Victoria’s youth to their advantage. But they will be met with resistance.

At the same time, Victoria is being courted by her first cousin, Prince Albert (Rupert Friend).  In the beginning, Albert’s pursuit of Victoria is purely political, but then it turns into something more.  Victoria is young and intelligent, but can she be the Queen that the English people need?

I like this movie. What is shows is that youth is universal, regardless of whether one is the future monarch of England or she is the average Jane Doe. Victoria, as portrayed by Emily Blunt is young and eager, but also intelligent and aware of the extreme challenges that await her as Queen.

I recommend it.

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