She Is 10 Years Old

In Paragruay, a young girl, who is only ten years old, has been raped twice over.

First, she was raped by her stepfather. She is presently carrying his child. Paraguay has very strict rules on abortion. Unless a woman’s life is in danger, she cannot have an abortion.  The girl’s family and supporters have been doing everything in their power to convince government officials to allow her to have an abortion. All requests have been denied.

The second time she was raped by not the physical rape, but the literal rape of her childhood. This girl is ten years old. Her entire future is ahead of her.  If she is lucky, she and her child will survive the birthing experience. If she is not lucky, then her child may not survive without major complications and she may have health issues herself.

I understand tradition and I understand respect for religion. But this girl is ten years old. She is not ready physically, mentally or emotionally to be a mother, especially considering that the father is her stepfather who raped her.  She deserves a normal childhood. She deserves all of the opportunities that come her way.  What she does not deserve is to be victimized by the government that is supposed to protect her.

She is only ten years old.

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