Throwback Thursday-Speed (1994)

Public transportation is a great way to get around. Economical with multiple arms, it is the easiest way to get around for many people.

That is until a terrorist hijacks a bus. Then it becomes something much more.

That the premise of Speed (1994).

Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) is a terrorist whose previous plot was foiled. In retaliation,  he plants a bomb on a Los Angeles City bus. Once the bomb is armed, it must keep going at fifty miles an hour. But Payne does not stop there. If there is an attempt by the police to rescue the passengers aboard, he will detonate the bomb. Now it is up to LA police officer Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) and passenger turned driver, Annie (Sandra Bullock) to keep the passengers safe while complying with Payne’s demands.

This movie is one of the best action movies in the last twenty five years.  Directed by Jan de Bont and written by Graham Yost, it grabs the audience by the throat and does not let them go until the closing credits. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have a solid chemistry. Dennis Hopper is chilling as the villain.

I highly recommend this movie.


Men Experiencing Childbirth… A Dream Come True

It can be said that until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, you can never truly understand their perspective on life.

With that, I present, men experiencing simulated childbirth.

I have to admit that I got a little kick from this video. If men could truly understand what the experience of childbirth is like, I could possibly predict with a fair amount of certainty that the laws that prevent a woman from making her own decisions about her body would disappear in a heartbeat.

Throwback Thursday-Field Of Dreams (1989)

Sometimes, when we think our lives are ordinary, they become extraordinary.

In Field Of Dreams (1989), Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) think that his life is ordinary. It’s about to become extraordinary.

He starts to hear whispers all around him. More specifically, he hears “If you build it, he will come”. He tries to ignore the whispers, but they persist.

When he finally listens to the whispers, Ray levels a portion of his field to build a baseball field. His friends and neighbors think he is crazy. But when the field is filled by baseball players, Ray’s life is no longer ordinary.

What I like about this movie is that is dramatic and entertaining without becoming too schmaltzy. At the end of the day, Ray listened to his gut and not to the chatter of others. It’s a lesson we all should partake of every now and then.

I recommend it.


Throwback Thursday- Walk The Line (2005)

There are only a handful of performers who are so iconic, that it only takes a few moments to recognize their work. The late Johnny Cash was one of these performers.

The 2005 film, Walk The Line, chronicles the life, music and struggles of the legendary musician. Stepping into the shoes and up to the microphone as Cash is Joaquin Phoenix.  As his loyal, but sometimes questioning second wife, June Carter Cash is Reese Witherspoon.

The film is an honest, but dramatic and sometimes brutal portrayal of it’s lead character. Cash, like many performers then and now is beloved by his fans and works with the best in the business, but suffers from addiction.

I recommend it.

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