The UN, as far I am concerned is now completely irrelevant.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is considering, based on a report from a “human rights expert” based in Algeria, putting Israel in the same category as ISIS, Boko Haram  & Al Qaeda.

The UN is a joke. It is irrelevant. Whatever noble intentions the founders of the UN had are officially down the toilet.

The last time I checked, Israel is a legitimate democracy. All citizens, regardless of the religious and cultural labels that are used to define who an individual is, have the same rights and responsibilities. No one is forced to choose either conversion or death. No one is being tortured or beheaded because they do not agree with the governing body. Young women are free to choose how to live their lives. Israel respects all cultural and religious sites, ancient temples and buildings are protected, not destroyed.

Many of the young women that were kidnapped by Boko Haram have still not returned home. ISIS  destroys priceless artifacts and buildings that are part of our collective human experience. They behead and torture their victims. Al Qaeda was responsible for 9/11 and other terrorist attacks around the world.

So tell me, how this comparison truly possible? Well considering the UN, I’m not surprised.

They are becoming irrelevant. They don’t deserve to be housed on American soil and be given tax money from hard working Americans.

Unless they change, they should find another home, preferably one that is foolish enough to house terrorists and despots.


Author: Writergurlny

I am Brooklyn, NY born and raised writer who needs writing to find sanity in an insane world. To quote Charlotte Bronte: “I'm just going to write because I cannot help it.”

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