Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate Book Review

History has a funny way of worming itself in our lives and our decision making, as much as we may try to deny that it does not.

It may surprise some that noted feminist, Ms. Magazine editor/founder and non fiction author, Letty Cottin Pogrebin has authored fiction books.

Her latest book is Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate.

Zachariah “Zach” Levy grew up in the Bronx, NY, the son of Holocaust survivors. Zach made a promise to his now deceased mother that when he was ready to marry and have children, that he would marry a Jewish woman and raise Jewish children.   He did in fact, marry a Jewish woman and raise his daughter Jewish. Then his marriage fell apart.  His wife fell in love with a woman from Melbourne, Australia, transplanting herself and their daughter halfway across the world.

Zach endures a series of meaningless relationships until he meets Cleo Scott. Cleo is an African-American activist and radio personality.  Zach and Cleo start to see each other seriously, but the promise that Zach made to his mother is never far from his thoughts. Will Zach be able to appease the guilt over breaking the promise to his mother while following his heart, which is leading him to Cleo?

I enjoyed reading this book.  Zach’s struggle between his faith and his heart is a common one. Especially in the modern world, where people of different cultures/religions are enjoying each other’s company and some by extension, are falling in love with each other. There are also questions of how two different, but significant minority groups can not only live together, but thrive together.

I absolutely recommend this book.



This past Saturday was the 71st Anniversary of D-Day.

160,000 Allied troops invaded the beach at Normandy Beach. This was the first step in breaking the hold that the Nazis had on Europe.

More than 9,000 men were killed or injured in process. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

The following clip is from the  1998 film, Saving Private Ryan.

I need to warn you that this clip may contain graphic scenes of war. Watch at your own risk if scenes like these make you uneasy. 

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