Flashback Friday-Love & Basketball (2000)

Sometimes, the person we are meant to be with is the person that we grew up with.

In Love and Basketball (2000),  Quincy (Omar Epps) and Monica (Sanaa Lathan) met when they were 11 years old. Both had a dream of playing basketball professionally, following in the footsteps of Quincy’s father who plays professionally. Their will they/won’t they relationship stretches to high school and college, where they date briefly. But as young love often does, their relationship ends in heartache. Several years pass, and both Quincy and Monica have had some success as professional basketball players.  They meet again and a decision must be made. Will their relationship be contained to the past or is there still unexplored territory?

I like this movie. What draws me in as an audience member is the relationship between the two lead characters. There is something that keeps them coming back to one another, the question is, are they willing to face it?

I recommend it.


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