Throwback Thursday- Jurassic Park (1993)

Science and mother nature are wondrous things. Their creations can be beautiful and dangerous. It becomes more dangerous when man enters the equation and starts to mess with science and mother nature.

Michael Crichton’s startlingly real 1990 novel, Jurassic Park can be boiled down to two sentences: don’t mess with mother nature. Mother nature always wins.

In 1993, the novel was adapted into a highly successful film. A new theme park has opened. It’s name is Jurassic Park. The park’s shtick is that cloned dinosaurs have been brought back to life after millions of years. The park’s human visitors can marvel at creatures who they have only seen in pictures or whose bones litter the world’s museums. But then the power goes down and the animals are in control.

This movie scared the you know what out of me back in the day. The story itself is enough to startle the living daylights out of some audience members, but the special effects made the audience jump out of their seats.

I absolutely recommend it.



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